Is It GAME OVER For Litecoin & Bitcoin... Cryptocurrency Is Crashing

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Relax everyone's worried about the ETF big money is already in it's been in !! one of two things is happening .. they know the ETF isn't coming and they're letting it drop .... or. Or may be they know the ETF is approved and big money is trying to shake out the weak hands before it moons... honestly best advice turn the computer off turn your phone off and walk away find something fun to do hodl
Автор - kelley ryan
It'll be ok. Buy more
Автор - Edgar Mancilla
Look I bought Litecoin at 173 still haven’t seen profit. I know it’s frustrating, hold on cuz GODDAMN IT we all gonna be millionaires someday
Автор - Guuleed Hassan
Pump and dump groups manipulating the market after very minor news with the etf delay is what happened. That sort of news simply isn't negative enough to cause this kind of pull back naturally. These whale manipulation groups are so obnoxious and unethical.
Автор - Patrick Wilkins
Sept 30 the ETF is approved... But you'll probably say that, it's at right now, but thats the deal, weak hands sold on the News. But the delay in the ETF is just that, a delay to they don't look rash, but big businesses are waiting and lobbying for this ETF to happen, and it will.
Автор - CryptoRoger
Time to load!👍
Автор - Silverspoon
I'm going back to flat earth videos. But I may pick up a few more DGB at 0.2
Автор - Turborewind
I’ve lost 80% of my portfolio time to loose the next 20! I’m holding till 0 whose with me!
Автор - All I Talk Is Tech
Yay!! More cheap bitcoin and litecoin before the huge jump. Awesome.
Автор - Brad Carey
hope prices stay down until friday when I get paid and plan to buy more LTC
Автор - Press Play
OMG seriously! Damn. I hope it does go down more so I can afford to buy more.
Автор - David Watts
I bought 20 LTC at $21 a piece so Im not scared
Автор - Doc Gunslinger
I can just feel it in my bones, my intuition tells me it’s going to explode and I am rarely wrong, I reckon it will reach a record high at some point. I’m hanging in for the ride 🙂
Автор - Death 4 us
Holding until it's 1000 or 0. Dont let go!
Автор - James Barnes
Автор - nathaniel Short
LTC to $30 🧐oh 💩😲 it's time for the emergency fund....
Автор - Map to Success
Damn your crystal ball was wrong this time
Автор - DAMN.
ICE and NASDAQ is manipulating pricing until it gets its etf funds are set in November!! Buy LOW!!!!!!!!!
Автор - jake68vesta
lol... I'm long term hodler with BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, OMG, LISK, NANO, NAV, DGB, PASC, UBQ, FTC and others, started in 2017... everything will be just GREAT! and... I bought low and top as well. HODL!
Автор - nathaniel Short
5800 then free fall
Автор - JRakRiv
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