Ethereum Might Skip Proof Of Stake, Only 7 Crypto Allowed And Litecoin Expected To "Moonshot"

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Ethereum Might Skip Proof Of Stake, Only 7 Crypto Allowed And Litecoin Expected To "Moonshot" скачать видео - Скачать
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Top quality video content as usual ☺👍
Автор - andy g
Love the morning news
Автор - shawn creager
Hodling litecoin!
Автор - Yusharn
I don’t think China will go with just those coins, none of those are China based...and you know China likes to nationalize their products....consider NEO, ONT, TRX, WTC in addition to the core (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC etc).
Автор - thanh
I thought this was gonna be a suicide note after yesterday.....
Автор - owen j
Why is OmiseGO not on that list?
Автор - John Guijt
LTC needs a moonshot. It's been dropping since I got my 3rd one 😅. It's coo. Strong hands build character
Автор - The TechG33k
Had a curry last night and I cant stop sharding
Автор - old duffer
Litecoin will never have a moonshot. Charlie Lee thoroughly killed that coin. The fact it's on far more exchanges that EOS and ADA, and EOS surpassed it as well as ADA momentarily means it's only a matter of time before it slips out of the top 10. People are just waiting for it to pass the price they bought it at before they sell
Автор - Aaron Monroe
There is no way Vitalik is going to beat Larimer to 1M/sec transactions.
Автор - Zared Damear
BTC wealth storage
LTC large sum transactions
DGB everyday currency
Автор - Andre Fuentes
Doom looming boo
Автор - Darryl Strawberry
no news on BTC slowly dying?
Автор - Sam Ho
Your news is great, it’s news not the same TA everyone does
Автор - Johnny Svendsen
Please review SAFE EXCHANGE COIN **
Автор - Stuart Ross
Thai baht is pronounced Baah
Автор - Cl1nt
China loves Neo and Nuls. Those are Chinese coins that have been praised by their government controlled media.
Автор - Aaron Monroe
I hope so! Market needs to climb
Автор - Secta
Not first....or am i?
Автор - old duffer
When is SBI getting launched?
Автор - DreamGamer
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