Litecoin - Some Big News Today

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Litecoin going to be on Gemini and Abra getting ready to let you deposit/withdraw LTC.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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Don't forget to hit that LITE button! I mean.....LIKE button.
Автор - Crypto Capital Venture
Keep working brother! Legendary!
Автор - Brian Huggins
Im a "Litecoin Lunartic” with a side order of crazy
Автор - Chester Copperpot
As I’m watching this video on my phone, my 2 year old just handed me a potato wedge that I picked up from KFC and in his other hand was his toy rocket ship. I take that as a sign of LTC about to take off!! Lol keep up the great work!
Автор - Reynard Manibo
I can’t wait to watch these videos in a few years and laugh at the price
Автор - Kent Wickam
Next up LTC on Nasdaq 😆
Автор - edit name
Thanks Miley
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
Zcash gets added this Saturday Dan and will start trading next Tuesday I think they'll just surprise us with the rest!! Go Litecoin!!🚀🌙👨‍🚀
Автор - Map to Success
Gemini picking up LTC is very good news. As a US citizen i believe it is the safest exchange for us to use.
Автор - David G
I've had my space suit ready for quite some time now.
Автор - Chet Manley
Thanks Dan
Автор - Chad Young
Me personally I think we will see $175 tomorrow just me though ha
Автор - Corey Roberts
awsom3 n3wsss..😎😎😎😎
Автор - omar martinez
bought in at dec, and bought at all dips that came after. Hanging in strong.
Автор - Swoll Life
I think that the big whales are keeping the price of ltc and the rest of cryptos down, in two weeks the price of the best coins will rise. Lets see. :) i will keep holding my litecoins
Автор - Luis Damas
Dan what does it mean to short something ?
Автор - Ironworker Larry
You really need to watch the BTC to figure out the LTC ...
Watching LTC charts won't help you at all without doing this.
Автор - guinnesspeaks
Just for fun how many Ltc do you guys have/ what’s your goal of coins to have?
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
No news is good news? Litecoin does nothing, ever. No volatility no growth no nothing...
Автор - doopy noo
Yes. Litecoin making incremental advances on many fronts. A moon shot is inevitable.
Автор - Richard Malone
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