"Litecoin is the Right Coin"...w/ Dick Allgire & Snippy on DRUMS!!

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Here's the rough working copy of my Litecoin song that will be recorded in a studio the weekend of the Litecoin Summit!! Dick Allgire shreds on lead guitar and our friend Jsnip4 kills it on the DRUMS!! Gonna end up as a "Litecoin Anthem" when we need it the most!!
"Litecoin is the Right Coin"...w/ Dick Allgire & Snippy on DRUMS!! скачать видео - Скачать
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What a ridiculous bubble! Expect $4 soon or worse. I feel sorry for those who invested in Litecoin and lost everything, the song will help
Автор - Ariel Oros
Bix weir is the coolest guy I don’t know.
Автор - Litecoin Pat
Every layer is sounding better and better! Snips drums are snappin'! NEED SOME "DOO WOP" BACKUP VOCALS!!! SERIOUSLY!!! YOU GUYS SOUND GOOD!!!! VIDEO PLEASE!!!!!
Автор - James
Hell Yeah, "Litecoin is the Right Coin"
Автор - Ronnie Dorsey
Talk about a desperate pump and promo for LTC ha ha but hey great talent guys!!!
Автор - Santana Binacci
You dudes need to hit the road. Coooool
Автор - Bill Hohlbein
Hopefully it won't go to zero otherwise you'll never hear the end of it.
Автор - Jeremy Williams
Автор - Freedom Assets Training
Get attached to your investments much?
Автор - Cha1biking
Loved it!! You guys are a breath of fresh air from all the darkness we've been steeped in lately. Thanks!!
Автор - Theresa Fitzpatrick
Pretty good Bix ! Wheres the video !!?
Автор - Namaste
Love it.
Автор - Cincinnati Jack
The cheerleaders keep cheering for their favorite coins, meanwhile Dick's remote viewing of $250 EOS in September failed and the crypto market remains in the toilet.
Автор - James McGuiness
Rothschild will be terrified
Автор - silverslave333
That is so awesome!!!!
Автор - Elise Parker
Excellent !!!!!!!
Автор - Chuck Spruit
Nice you got this together would be awesome if you can get a live version with Dick and Joe and one more on keyboards. Enjoy the trip Bix.
Автор - Volts
Awesome Bix!. Now add a little Sax and keyboard
Автор - adrub
That's fantastic. And I can really hear Jerry Garcia's influence on Dick.
Автор - JuliaB1955
Good stuff fellas! 👏👏😎🎸🍺
Автор - Craig Heaton
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