What's REALLY Happening With Ethereum? Hashoshi x Crypto Zombie LIVE | Cryptocurrency Chat $ETH

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Is Ethereum DEAD?!?! Tonight's livestream we are talking all things Ethereum with an actual Ethereum developer: Hashoshi! We will dive into Ethereum 2.0, scaling issues, market sentiment, tech, and more!

Check Out Hashoshi 👉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQNHKsYDGlWefzv9MAaOJGA

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Автор - Crypto Zombie
I had so much fun with you guys today! See you again soon. Cheers!

Shoutout to K-Dub for hosting me (he’s a RAD dude).
Автор - Hashoshi
This is probably one of the best crypto interviews I have watched, keep it up guys, thanks.
Автор - lsdreflux
This is great! Exactly what I've been hoping to hear about
Автор - Douglas Horch
I really liked this interview..You both did a fantastic job..High quality from beginning to end..Normally 50 minute plus crypto videos are tortuous (ICO "reviews )or inconsistent (like Token Tank, sorry). I feel I have more knowledge of Ethereum ' warts and all' and the competition...
If its long , make it great!
Автор - Francis Lavars
Crypto Zombie, I have followed you from the start and this by far is your best video....definitely you need to get this guy back, good combination. Talking more tech on different projects .
Автор - eambob
This was a very Enlightening Discussion ..Especially on ETH. Thanks to you both. Next time ask about Layer-0 Scaling solutions ..for example, BloXroute covered by Blockchain Brad say they can scale Platform protocols by end of Sept-Oct with demo ; based on the roadmap ..This with minimal code base changes scale by 100-1000x because they think the primary bottleneck is network latency ...in summary the solution is via Encryption, Compression, Caching & Streaming data via Routing Array of Networks. Would like to hear his take on how VMs respond to that Layer-0.
Автор - Don Patrick
great video bud, a lot of great the talk about ETH. Why are you not doing this on BitTUBE? If you like youtube and crypto, then you will LOVE Bittube.
Автор - Sean Davis
Hey Zombies sorry to post this the last couple of days but today is the final 24 hours of the Neo Name Service sticker contest voting. please consider voting for my sticker pack of x40 stickers: NNCKMKCHIPS
Also I spoke with Kdub about making a sticker pack for the Crypto Zombie telegram group so I will get back to work on that once this contest is over :D.
would really really appreciate every vote guys as I am currently losing by only 2 votes! and there is only 1 votes between 1st-3rd place so you guys could really make a difference.


Its a google form and its one click only.
Thanks for considering voting and if you do vote feel free to leave me a message so I can thank you guys :D
Running a full node on a cellphone... that sounds like PIED PIPER COIN.
Guys, this was the most interesting video I have ever seen about cryptos, please do this more often!
Автор - Jaime González
Really interesting interview! Learned a lot
I believe in ETH, bought more now on linkkoin website, they have really fast service.
Автор - Dory
My four-year-old waits all day to watch these videos for the intros when I get home so you gotta do an intro with every video
Автор - GREG L
I use the digibtye wallet all the time and I love how user friendly it is
Автор - edgar navarrete
yooo Forest pls come again to talk on this channel, it was very refreshing talk!:) peace
Автор - Guy Navon
Rock solid - well done K-Dub, you keep delivering when others fall away
Автор - steve deery
Nebulas will be amazing. The team is unreal and very dedicated. They have over 100k dapps, but they need to move forward towards mainstream adoption.
Автор - woopit 01
Great to hear the perspective of a developer. Really insightful and will also look to follow him.
Автор - David Humphrey
Great chat guys! I hope you two will do some reviews together 👍🏻
Автор - 3D Virge
Thanks K-Dub and Hashoshi. Really interesting video.
Автор - Gary Dowling
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