Chatting with an Expert on Bitcoin

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Naomi Brockwell has been a bitcoin advocate and evangelist since 2013. She was policy associate at the New York Bitcoin Center from 2013-2015, producer for the 2015 feature documentary Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (Best International Documentary, Anthem Film Festival; Winner of Special Jury Prize, Amsterdam Film Festival), and has been making videos educating people about Bitcoin since 2013. She emcees at least 20 blockchain conferences a year, is co-author of the children's book "Billy's Bitcoin", and hosts the show "Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Technologies of our Future". She is a producer for Stossel, and a producer for the blockchain sci-fi TV series HardFork.

If you're in LA or visiting soon and would like to come on the show please e-mail me at [email protected] - I'm open to anything! Let's Chat ;)

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I'm an expert on losing my net worth trading cryptocurrencies.
Автор - IVAN3000
She's lovely, it's like she came from 1950s kitchen.
Автор - twohanded1488
Bitcoin = Ot4yOt4y
Автор - Belfast Banter
Expert on astrology next!!
Автор - Ste-Lo_MacK
she low key fine af
Автор - Bo Churchill
"Chatting With a Divorce Lawyer"

I'll animate it
Автор - Masculine Man
Chat with a nymphomaniac
Автор - Kabaneri
Chatting with a free mason
Автор - 6ix Vide0s
Chatting with a mime I dare you. And you can’t break once. And it has to be 20 full minutes.
Автор - John Yousif
I’m an expert on putting 20k in dogecoin and losing 15k of it
Автор - Stunnzu
She looks like a mannequin from Nuketown.
Автор - Trophii
I hope he smashes.
Автор - Jake Stagg
Can you chat with an astral projecter?
Автор - Satrix
He smashed after this
Автор - Yags
comments here: sweaty virgins ignoring everything she says just to drop a comment about her being attractive
Автор - KABOB kabob
How much is in your bank account lmao
Автор - lit
she's sexy when she speaks so confidently and eloquently
Автор - Fruit Punch Samurai
Do chatting with a nazi
Автор - Mads Hagerup
Nice video....great content as well, I traded without assistance and lost so much and I almost went broke until i came across a comment and several recommendation about Pauline Burnett, I was a bit skeptical but I contacted her and traded wit her recommended strategy and went from 4 tc to 7 btc, thanks to everyone that posted about Pauline, you're all part of my success story
Автор - James Burton
According to her website she’s been featured on playboy! We must dig deep for science!
Автор - st3l
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