Ethereum REVERSAL Underway? - Today's Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Ethereum and if there is a reversal underway. He also discusses Brave browser and the launch of their Public Advertising Program Trial. He also touches base on Malta and their progress to become a 'blockchain island'. This is a daily segment.
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Brave Browser Launches Public Advertising Program Trial for MacOS


ETH Plunged. Has BitMex contributed?

Arthur Hayes Tweet #1

Arthur Hayes Tweet #2

Shash Tweet

ETH on Coin Gecko

Morgan Creek CEO Bullish on Ethereum’s Future

The Waves Are Getting Bigger! Malta Adopting Waves Platform?

Malta is Eying the Waves Cryptocurrency to Tokenize Financial Assets

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Автор - Altcoin Buzz
Got in at $177.
Автор - James at the watercooler
Could we get a video on most undervalued projects atm? Cardano would hit that list easily
Автор - Shawn Khan
I really like the brave browser, and recommend others give it a try.
Автор - Keith Attlesey
It’s going to crash to below $100
Автор - Crypto buzz
Of course depends on what big daddy BTC does, but I’m thinking it gets rejected around the 215 area for the next leg down.
Автор - Nikolai
Did you see feniks MVP? They reached 100k+ tps at first time... I belive this project replace bitcoin!
Автор - OWEN
Автор - JustATadd89
Maybe this was the plan all along. Is it a coincidence that Brave browser has a lion logo and Mac has a Safari browser.
Автор - MrMontreezy
Cardano ADA forever
Автор - Darren N
Автор - Just Games For Me
i trade mostly with eth
Автор - Lisa Cryptohuntress Cryptoage
Got in at 190 hope it can keep rising
Автор - D-Red Beatz
The problem is after 30 of September.
Автор - Tony Tony
You can curse on the internet.
Автор - Inazuma65
Brave doesn't work with some password managers. I had to quit using it.
Автор - mackelby1
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