Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH EOS ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/8/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Автор - TheChartGuys
Over 9000!!!! Sorry i had to
Автор - Thiago Torres
What a dump .-.
Автор - Mark Foster
Hands down best TA i ever seen. Keep up the good work.. big fan!
Автор - Daily Crypto News
blood in the streets!
Автор - FlashPacked Studios
Its time for weed
Автор - highzenburg
I'm comfortable shorting. My whole life has been a bearish move. I'm just not comfortable shorting on kraken, bitmex, or the futures market.

It occurred to me again that there's a decreasing amount of people who have a reason to buy these things. I mean, people used to have to buy bitcoin to buy other coins. That's not really the case anymore. The only reason anybody has to buy ETH is to get into ERC20 ICO's. That has been fading because of the prevalence of scams and rise in regulatory scrutiny.

But, miners must sell coins to pay the electric bill, data center, staff, etc. Companies that received ETH for their ICO must sell their coins to pay salaries, development costs, lambos, Puerto Rico moving bills, coin life tattoos, etc. Miners with a big investment in equipment must hedge short in the futures or spot market to protect their investment, but nobody really has to buy this shit. At the very least there's a systemic asymmetry in supply and demand. The bulk of the supply was either given to them for nothing(ICO's, founders), or they manufactured it. The fact it had been going up and doesn't cost anything to store makes it an anomaly for a manufactured product. Otherwise they would have been dumping every day since day 1.
Автор - bang your head
Love your videos, keep up the good work!
Автор - Nick DiCianno
8 months into this. Lower high. Lower high. Lower high. Unlike 2014 there is no real reason today. If there is anything that is making me consider a long-term pessimistic Viewpoint it is that. Low flows of new Fiat and lots of money exiting
Автор - Kyle V
Thanks Dan...I always look forward to your updates 👍👍
Автор - Imtooslow !!
Such an over reaction.
Автор - Willy Beamin
Thanks Dan , you are a good teacher .
Автор - supernova1976
Thanks Dan great update. Happy trading.
Автор - Daniel Bakker
Thanks Dan, I love the deer at the end they are so beautiful 😊
Автор - Tracey B
Thank you for your continued videos and congratulations on the 90k sub
Автор - Andy Raman
What does it mean “shorts to cover”
Автор - John Doe
Thanks Dan, I'm going to go out and do some good things.
Автор - Ryan Meunier
Great TA! Thank you.
Автор - Olivia Lovelace
Great analysis!
Автор - SalientQuips
Awesome!! Thanks Dan.
Автор - Philipp Zach
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