PREMIERE! Price Predictions- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, OMisego and NEO (ARCANE BEAR)

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Let's dive in, today we are going to look at how we can premeire our new episodes, that's exciting. We talk about Bitcoins price movements, litecoin, the development around neo, omisego and digibyte! Its important to dive in and take a look at the charts daily, it helps build our pattern recognition systems and includes our favorite practice of daily rants!

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PREMIERE! Price Predictions- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, OMisego and NEO (ARCANE BEAR) скачать видео - Скачать
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Автор - Arcane Bear
Cannot wait for Duck World to open its doors for Alt season!
Автор - Joshua Geraghty
I am hoping for an Arcane Bull run next week... 🙂
Автор - Charli Junior
Bull run seems close to me! Any1 agree its weeks or less away? I don,t see us going down lower at all in next month.
Автор - Jami C
Yoooo! I need to get on that free miners meta game too brother. Thanks for the TA Tijo!
Автор - MrHarrilasagna
under 6k is not going to happen , like ever.
Автор - bob ami
Mining still Stellite (XTL). Daily about 1200 XTL ... currently price @ 9satoshis. Great price, good project, just need another exchange

Could beat Digibyte next year ...
Автор - Kaybe23
Been mining ravencoin since February . 28 gpu,s 16 1080ti 6 1070 4 1070ti using suprnova pool getting between 1000 to 1500 RVN a day I should have used the money I spent on gpu,s on just buying the coins but hey ho least I am supporting the network
Автор - James Hargreaves
Will you do a top to bottom "how to" buckster. I play flat aucustic slide guitar. Where do you go? The tip jar? Playing eith others? Amplified? Sitting? Standing? When to boogie, how about cops? Or getting jacked? How much $ would be a good day? How mny hours playing? Any ideas or tips?
Автор - Dave Jones
Thank You
Автор - Angelo Plas
Lets go Omise! Make some moves already!
Автор - Brando Commando
Thanks like like like
Автор - Mark Carter
Thank you! u da man and for PPT yesterday!
Автор - R C
Hi Arcane Bear, can you ask you what is a realistic prevision for Digibyte for next 6 months (Q1 2019) ?
Автор - Obito Uchiha
Tijo are you still liking veritaseum as a long term play?
Автор - K B
Great content!
Автор - roadstar499
I believe PayPie aka PPP will end up in the top 30. I hope PPT also turns it around like Cliff's reports said it would.
Автор - Jay EOS
DGB was said to owed Binance listing fees, if Binance take steps to freeze or delist DGB from their platform. It will be a big impact.
Автор - Jeremy Ng
Arcane bear!!!, do you thinks clif highs 100,000 bitcoin is still possible this year? ? ? 60,000 maybe?
Автор - Jami C
Enjoyed your analysis when you decide to ALT hunting take a look at ELA its MC is around 60 million and I can see an easy 20x of course this is only my opinion and DYOR.
Автор - Marcos H
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