Is Vitalik Leaving Ethereum?

Загрузил The Modern Investor 11 дней назад
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Комментарии к видео:
Yes. H'es going over to Btconnect.
Автор - Jan Itor
Buterin is absolutely right. Look at the comment section here for example. The crypto community is very immature. Much growth needs to occur.
Автор - Brandon Kozlarek
For being such a smart guy, Vitalik is a moron. Of course not everyone in the space is mature and here for the right reasons. The creators of many coins appear to want to improve the world. You’re not going to change the world without mass adoption though and that means appealing to people different to yourself. Morons, greedy investors, might not want them, but they are here to stay. It’s not like you’ll get away from them. Accept it and try to change the world anyway. Wanting certain kind of followers is a dangerous game that hasn’t gone well in history.
Автор - paul k
These rumors of him leaving "keep" popping up (Where there's smoke there's fire)
2 things will happen "IF" he leaves

#1 The price will drop anywhere between %35- %45

#2 Xrp will "solidify" itself as the number 2 coin
Автор - Terry 2
I think the point of lots of these protocols like etherium is meant to be ran without much human intervention. True autonomous and decentralized controlled only by computation.
So , he left Bitcoin. Now he's probably leaving ETH. See you later. Hope you finish a project sooner or later.
Автор - Daniele Sbordone
Just my opinion. I think he is leaving and Ethereum cannot be scaled to the projected TPS.
Автор - David Pappas
XRP will overtake Ethereum in the near future, if Vitalik is leaving.
Автор - druid7173
If he leaves eth , hope he moves to omise go
Автор - Lee Mooney
VeChain will replace ethereum soon!
Автор - CryptoHodlor
He is like a butt hurt genius straight outta Uni with a hardcore socialist mindset. He will be used, again.
Автор - P K
Автор - Crypto BirdDog
He is going to the xrp team. Now what happens to omesigo.. will he still continue with helping them and work with them or he will be running towards the sunset alone
Автор - mit p
Maybe he’s dead again? 🙄🤦‍♂️
Автор - TheJTMarlin77
Is he going back to being Tupac Shakur?
Автор - Max Power
DigiDao DGD is 2 explode soon with the Huge news people!
Автор - SBash loco
buterin is more of an entity than a human
Автор - TOM JOAD
Автор - primo axelito
When all this pseudo creators jumping between projects and destroying value, stick to the Bitcoin and XRP- real business use. Both should succeed.
Автор - druid7173
Perhaps he should.
"We need more mature entities in this space "
Not kindergarten
Автор - andiB
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