Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin EOS Technical Analysis Chart 5/15/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Комментарии к видео:
The life advice here is better than any TA lesson. <3
Автор - Malachi Ashley
This guy has to be the most underrated t.a master YouTuber
Автор - Andy Yong
Get two birds stoned at once, whoa.....
Автор - Steve Nicholson
Thanks for your updates, I learn a lot, and appreciate your great outlook on life. Keep up the awesome work.
Автор - Warlock Guitar
Thanks for your time, you are so much more honest and humble than other youtube analysts. You let you TA speak for itself, always appreciate your videos, even if I am stuck in my trade right now because I got greedy lol. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Автор - Mike Conn
I'm not even letting my bot trade in this choppy market ^^
Автор - Mikki
Dan, u r so right. We need to listen to our body more. Someone says that our bodies do more for our physical well-being than we r consciously capable of doing.
Автор - henry X
Thanks Dan. Great TA
Автор - Voyage & Hearth
Look forward to your updates everyday. Will keep away from this choppy market till a clear direction. Cheers.
Автор - Saurabh Porwal
I advocate the push-ups too. Helps me stay awake.
Автор - Philson
You make my day!
Автор - 75jackrabbit
Don’t forget to exercise your eyes! Look out the window at something distant for 5 mins each hour.
Автор - David Infante

cheers Dan!
Автор - ronP __
Thanks for the vid, glad to hear your vibe echoes my own on this market- waiting for clearer signals.
Автор - Sukoshi Kanatomo
So glad you say getting 2 birds stoned at once. Thanks mate, udaman
Автор - John Flemming
I think if anything learning to chart in cryptos is so amazing...I must have the best teacher here...Thank you Jesus!
Автор - John Thomas
Thank you so much, great analysis and advice.
Автор - ThereIsMusik
Very wise man, specially at the end, keep going. Very inspiring videos !
Автор - Jerem
I literally Saved an injured baby bird today 🦅. Odd that you brought up the bird subject. The wildlife vet is bringing the baby back to its nest/mom, here on my land, once it’s wing is treated. 💖
Автор - Deborah Haley
Health is your Greatest Wealth! Bless. Shopping basket dumbells are the best.
Автор - Shinobi-1
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