Is Ethereum The Future Of Finance?

Загрузил The Modern Investor 9 дней назад
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Good things come to those who are patient and cautious,you can see that vitalik is not interested in pumping the price. He seems to be more interested in giving the world a platform that works. If this takes time so be it,Rome wasn’t built in a day so to speak,if it takes a yr or two to get it right so be it.
Автор - eMichael Proudfoot
XRP and Ripple are well placed to do that. They've already signed 100+ partnerships with the banks...
Автор - Jawad Aboucha
Ethereum can have a place in finance but i'm sorry to say that XRP will be leading the future of finance.
I've invested more than I can afford to lose but I couldn't care less because XRP's going to the moon. 🌐
Автор - Crypto' Tee
You're talking about 2 2 years xrp will have taken over the cryptocurrency space.
Автор - Kevin Rampersad
ETH to 5k 🚀
Автор - C Guillen
No... Xpring will eat Ethereum...
No problems on scalability on his apps, based on XRP, fully open code possibilities to build the app, etc..
Eth, won't last too long until developers discover Xpring iniciative...
Its they would ask for..
Автор - Javi Gonzalez
Charles Hoskinson saw the issues Ethereum had at its base. ADA is going to be the most stable crypto in the long run.

How many projects are building code to include future quantum computing? Cardano is.
Автор - Roy Dopson
Thanks for the vids man, I listen to them as part of my morning routine here in Idaho!
Автор - Erron Nowland

Blue Lambo or purple?
Автор - Aaron
Автор - Brad Garlinghouse's Protruding Right Ear
eth to 4k in 2019
like if you agree
Автор - D A B Nation
The only thing that Ethereum and Vitalek are getting faster at is talk. Backing without performance is just backing. Hopefully it won't end up as a tax write off.
Автор - Boykin Bob
no eth is just a phase now eos after that ada .....
Автор - Tk Gz
Ethereum has already won. Anyone who doubts it just hasn't done their research. So funny seeing the XRP hodlers claiming ripple is the future when they don't even understand that XRP is not even competing with Ethereum... lol
Автор - Myles Schepetin
ETH's lack of scaling is still the main issue. 15 transactions/second is not going to cut it
Автор - TheJTMarlin77
I knew it!....I knew that etherium was just working out the bugs until they can be competitive with other tech.
Автор - 8 Figure Lifestyle
Hell no eth is not ready for finance.
Автор - Bogdan Comanescu
Crypto Kitties site not opening...
Автор - R G
I would very much like The Modern Investor make a video on "CODIUS vs. Ethereum"....Isn't Ripples platform bound to overtake Ethereums marketshares....atleast after Cobalt is implemented?.....
Автор - Martin Laugesen
Ethereum will probably start this years bull run..
Автор - nimarama72
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