Is Bitcoin Going To $5,000? Litecoin to $50?

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Bitcoin and Litecoin are both trending down. We've talked about the possibilities of Bitcoin and Litecoin seeing new lows for months now. But are we there yet? Or is there a slight possibility that Bitcoin and LTC are setting up for their next run?

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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Автор - Crypto Capital Venture
Right now ALQO is at 0.1$ I bet you next year it will be at 7$, yes that is 70x
Автор - Simple Tricks & Hacks
I cant believe LTC is at $68. When i was buying at 120 i thought that was cheap.
Автор - Dave Andrew
I said 2 months ago when LTC was $110, if LTC did not hold at $75 then it was headed to $55 and BTC was headed to $5500.
The whales are destroying LTC, BTC, NEO etc. so Wall Street can buy it up cheap. Imagine if the average consumer had this same power. I walk into the Ford dealership and talk to the sales manager. Hey, I like your Ford F150 but its priced at $65,000 and that's priced way too high. I am going to buy it from you next week when it is $35,000. The sales manager laughs in my face as I walk out the door. Next week I go in there and the same truck is now priced at $35,000 because I hacked Ford's computerized sales system. I plunk down my cash and drive away with my new truck. Many of you would rightfully say this is criminal. And you'd be right.

Yet this is what the exchanges and the Wall Street whales are doing to us every day. So where are the protests? The exchanges are using the crypto that we "bought," and left on the exchange. The exchange then allows the whales to trade our cryptos to lower the price. We don't own the cryptos on the exchanges until we put it into our private wallet. Why do we let them cheat us like that? Where are the SEC regulations to prevent exchanges from trading cryptos in a pool when they don't own the assets? The exchanges are churning 40% to 50% of their market cap every single day! Do you know what this means?
Автор - Mickey O
They really want cheap LTC and they don't want anyone in there with them...good job "smart money" But I am not leaving
Автор - Kevin S
Grabbed a few more LTC today, in it for the long haul
Автор - j s
well.. i guess i have to hodl for years now.. damnit
Автор - FitnessGod
buy the dips, cost average down, accumulate..... don't change the plan just be thankful for the great buys. We have tons of good news going on, just a matter of time before it is reflected in the price
Автор - Chad Young
LITECOIN $44 (8-11-18
Автор - JDI -Tube
Автор - nathaniel Short
Dang it’s crazy how much more volatile Ltc has become these last few months, first time Btc was retracing back to these lows Ltc was still over $100.... it seemed like $75 was holding pretty strong for a bit there and it just broke and took a dive 😫 oh well still hodlin 🤑
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
Litecoin just keeps dropping more percentage wise as bitcoin keeps dropping each rise and fall but not as low as others like litecoin. If it dont rise like crazy by late september and continue into october then i think this year is a wrap. Anyone else agree?
Автор - Jami C
Haters going to hate. Dan. I hear you all the time say that this may go down to the $50 area and that "that is a major buying area for you", like myself. Peeps. Strap up your boot straps and get ready to eat Mac and Cheese everyday for a month. There are coins to buy. The real question is, do I sink 500-600 in BTC or LTC. Thoughts????
Автор - Rick Winnals
I feel sad for the millennials, now they will have to get real jobs. ROFL!!
Автор - MrFourkinghell
50$ Litecoin is NOT cheap. It's going way down
Автор - Dan Mac
Buy order LTC 65
Автор - chris andre
Told you guys this months ago

But nooooo, LTC is going to moon and a bull is coming any day now.
Автор - YaboyQ MAGA
September is the month ☝🏼⚡️😉
Автор - Rob Sullivan
ETFs will totally destroy the Crypto market .
Автор - finn1951
Dude it's over man. I understand but Stop doing online voodoo bs. It doesnt mean anything. Get a real job.
Автор - iji
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