Litecoin At It's Breaking Point

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As Litecoin price tests lows for the 3rd time, it truly is at it's breaking point. In this video we concentrate on the 4 hour chart to see what to anticipate next for Litecoin.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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For better or worse, things are about to get crazy in my opinion...

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Автор - Crypto Capital Venture
I just bought a bag of LTC and one whole BTC just like Charlie Lee said I must... come on now... I played the game according to the rules... make me a billionaire...
Автор - ZUG ZUG
Thumbs up...come on people pay respect for his efforts.
Автор - Diver Dan
Ltc to moon soon
Автор - John Ryder
You have been wrong all the time. It will continue to go down
Автор - Ma77 xx
not selling LTC. got faith in it and Charlie
Автор - Usagiynami
I could have been in a very good position if i would have stayed on the side lines and never bought any coins yet...i wonder if the newbies watching understand how lucky they are...probably not..
Автор - roadstar499
beyond depressing 👍
Автор - jester
Part of me thinks, screw it, let's start over. Send Bitcoin down to $100 bucks and Litecoin back to $10 so I can pick up the stack I would have bought if I had been in the game earlier. I mean, if we are eventually going to go up, why not go down first? Crypto isn't going anywhere. Where are these investors going to go? Stock? You get 60 cents per quarter per share of Apple. To double your money, Apple would need to hit 2 trillion. To get more than 20 bucks in dividends, you would need over 1 million. Unless you are going to play scratch off tickets, might as well stick with crypto.
Автор - cryptokook
“They” are sooooo jealous....and “they” want our Litecoin!!!!! I ain’t giving “them” nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Автор - 24 Rooter Of Yakima
If LTC goes down to $50 I'll be buying 2 a week.
Автор - Benji's Boxing Channel
I was thinking we would touch $72 and maybe $70 but I'm not so sure now.
Автор - obzen33
Next major breakout will be on or around Monday August 6th. Watch for it.
Автор - streetstylz
Ive been waiting for it to go down for a while, get ready for $58 LTC
Автор - scalesofjustice44
i threw in the towel today dan, im sorry. I been here for a long time watching your videos, and i know you seen me around. But im sorry, I had to wash all my towels, they were getting dirty!
Автор - edit name
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!!!!!!!!................................................
Автор - AaronLevi
Charlie lee hinted at $20 LTC 4-5 months ago...get ready.
Автор - Total Bullion
Litecoin party coming soon 👍👍👊👊🚀🚀
Ok....I'm sold.....I'm out.....don't bounce...
Автор - Diver Dan
I have seen this same phenomenon in Penny Stocks. It's called being a long term bag holder. I call it a turd circling the toilet down the drain. This downtrend is scary right now.
Автор - John Wayne
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