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What do you think about Dash? Do you think it can see mass adoption? Are you bullish or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!

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lol - very funny - good spirit
Автор - Dash - Digital Cash
"Please do a video on JP Morgan Chase."

Damie Jimon
Автор - Allan Chang
"Everyone knows about Ethereum/Ripple." Can you guys imagine what the world (and our portfolios) will look like when that's actually the case? HUZZAH! :D
Автор - leviathan90
That intro though! swwwwweeet!
Автор - Alexandra Shaw
Great analisys as always. Awesome content. That's why I keep coming back.
Автор - Marcus Silva
Автор - CongalTRON
Mr. Dash, I wish to bring to your attention that there has been an appalling action of infringement on your trademark. In Mr. Crypto Daily's most recent video he can clearly be seen, and heard, performing your trademark "snapping of the finger" in his outro. I will assume you can take this information from here and apply swift justice in this dire situation :)
Автор - Avidity 101
Oh yes 30 minutes damnnnn
Автор - tommy tran
Автор - Tharindu Herath
ha ha ha I like your sense of humour Nick.
I fell in love with Dash over a year ago, or perhaps I should say I fell in love with the Dash girl, Amanda B Johnson. However, I heard she has gone off the picture these days and it is funny that so has my interest. I know DASH is a very good alt coin but as time has gone by I kinda have gone towards PIVX. I am still am open for DASH´s future but as a currency I think perhaps IOTA might win seeing as though it has zero transactions fees - just my own thoughts.
Автор - BygdaTV
That intro was Epic
Автор - Abdi Ismail
Thanks for such a thorough and impartial review. I'm a long term holder and believer in Dash, and I encourage others to look into it for themselves.
Автор - Stephen Hill
Playing the role of a character is not your strong suit. You are a "quick, by the numbers, and straight talk" type of guy. Recommend you stick with that. Cheers!
Автор - Chris Crypto
Автор - 16Gym
Honestly I have made more gains going off my own intuition than following YouTube vids. But I have learnt crypto fundamentals from people like yourself along the way. Research your news and invest for the future
Автор - Mac Daddy
80K subs lol... congrats!!! you blew past 90% of your competitors who were there long before you.
Автор - Bobby Tronix
I might just not know about it, but to the best of my knowledge Nicolas hasn't said a word on "Groestlcoin" yet, right? How come?
Автор - Lukas T
lol your such a cheese bro, right on that was a clever intro, thanks Nick for the knowledge.
Автор - Nui Zealand
Very good intro, Nick! I'm sure that a LOT of us have been wondering how you find time to do all of this... (I've even seen a couple of folks wondering if you have any friends outside of that room you're in Hee, hee, hee) THIS is the video that I've been waiting for. Thanks for all that you do, buddy! -Don
Автор - Dadzcoin
LOL. Love the dramatic funny intro to the video! I didn’t know ya had it in ya—Nice!
Автор - Mike Fuhrmann
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