I'm bald the reason why i wear hats 😔

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I've always covered my hairline with hats my whole life... I got bullied mad fun off called mega mind all sorts of things. So today i finally let you guys see my hair line please enjoy and share this i need this to go viral im going outta my confront zone to show you guys this. Instagram📷: dash.12 Snapchat👻: Thatrunplay
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welcome to the dread head gang
Автор - TheChicagloKid
i’m sorry bruh but the thumbnail thooo😭
Автор - King Chris
😂 😂 yooo the thumbnail... i can't stand you lmao, but woahhhhhh i was not expecting that at all
Автор - ItsRissa
Автор - Carl
Paint around your edges? Im 💀 my guy
Автор - VKash
1 like your prayer 🙏🏽 for dash. He has a hard life man
Автор - Master_Antonio
Who saw the dreads already in the hoodie with me before he revealed?😂😂
Автор - Kingskey Chria
Imma say imma say it u fuked up👎🏽😂
Автор - young dex
Imma say it imma say it..........dash look waaaaaay better with dreads And BANGER VIDEO AGAIN 🔥🔥🔥
Автор - Kyrie Irving
😍😍😍 i think he looks good with dreads
Автор - Chey.-.
Fakeeeee ass fuckkkkk
yoooo😭 thumbnail already got me
Автор - TonsOfTy
Literally only came for intro
Автор - jamal fields
U wrong for that thumbnail 😂
Автор - Lil Yachtys Lightskin Face
Look at the thumbnail

You can tell its fake but I still watched it for support😊
Автор - Blue-eyed Tuber
I watched your family guy add
Автор - Master_Antonio
💀💀💀💀💀😹😹😹😹😅I liked everybody’s comments 💯💯💯
Автор - Prince Kangnissoukpe
It's not about the shoes you wear the clothes you wear how you look it's about what u learned and how you use it
Автор - V Mafu
Thumbnail had me dying😭😭😂😂😂
Автор - kíng príncє
You might aswell shave your eyebrows
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