Bitcoin Brief - Ethereum Centralization and Augur Bugs

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Man that carnivore diet. You'll get Gallstones and Kidney Stones the size of golf balls because of too much Urea! Also your liver goes on overdrive. Why all these radical diets every 2-3 years. Why cant we all just eat nutritious meals.
Автор - Rhonnie Allan
Автор - Vince Chang
Everything fine with the stream as always but the carnivore thing.
Don´t like the promotion of eating meat from abused animals. .
Автор - lánzate
Thank you Tone.
Please, always separate the technical analysis part from the talk show part.
I think each should be in a separate series of videos and a separate playlist.
The reason is that I think your fans want to know your TA opinion quickly and do not want to watch an hour plus video at this time.
They will watch the talk show part when they have more time.
Thank you
Автор - Hatem El Shafie
thumbs down
Автор - brian kendall
I reckon Jimmy has his Steak Well done
Автор - Rob Smith
Jim zkSNARKs implementation the same as Brendan Eich and his team are working on implementing in to the Brave browser, your a Maximalist which makes you an extremist and highly subjective all you dispense is negativity regarding practically all other projects in the Blockchain/Crypto space. In reference to this FUD . I personally have no interest in Augur, that said I imagine its a work in progress you know jim like btc only Augur dates back to 2015.
Автор - fishfacexmb
Tone, thanks for the first TA which was really close to the real life. :-). We will see (again), are you right or not. But for my point of view, this was very transparent and shows the posibilities very clear. But iam not expecting the 3,8k zone. But we will see. Maybe it will also a great oportunity to buy now one bitcoin. ;-) 20k was to expensive.
Автор - C OEz
Yeah there was a bounce like Tone predicted, only to the downside.
Автор - 0utsider krypt0w
Автор - ernest simon D
i use Brave
Автор - Pierre
where are the comments?
Автор - Giuliano Marconi
Автор - Pamela Dao
Microsoft + Authority...what could be wrong with that?????
Автор - ssm59
I often wonder if Giacomo’s accent is real because his English is so good.. I also note how he pronounces some world like they are spelt like he knows the exact spelling like a native speaker... I don’t know haha
Автор - Raza Daza
Good opportunity to stick the boot into Mike Hearn..hehe - Maybe Augurs 54 users placed billion dollar bets.. just saying
Автор - Broadhurst Gardens
Very happy to hear Giuaccomo! Thank you for this show :)
Автор - ixaeon
The show just ended abruptly
Автор - joyce coates
Great TA as always Tone! Thanks.
Автор - Toby Dawson
thx guys!
Автор - bio harz
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