What if Bitcoin & Litecoin Go Down?

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Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/cryptocapitalventure What if Bitcoin and Litecoin go down another 45%. I asked on Twitter if everyone would be ready for a continued decrease in Bitcoin and Litecoin price. In this video I'd like to look at the possibility that there may be one final dip for the market.

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Комментарии к видео:
I’m going down with the Crypto ship! 🚢
Автор - dennis carroll
Its simple you buy more cryptos
Автор - Ata Ugursoy
Who cares? Buy more by scaling in. Everyone is scared of shit. Take a grand fiat and buy ltc now @ 50 dollars. You get 20 of em. If it drops to 25, buy another 1000 bucks worth. You get 40 more. Now, you have 65 total, with 2k invested. So, if it goes up 5 bucks, you're at 1950 in value. If it goes up to 32 bucks, you're in the money. That's called scaling.
Автор - andrew munz
Grace Hood below is one of those RELENTLESS SCAMMERS, who put their mark on nearly every crypto video. BEWARE!!!!
Автор - Carol Rose
You were very bullish a couple of days ago....!!! Why you’re talking about bearish now....!!! ?????
Автор - Coolhalo7
At this point I’m ok and ready for more drop. Just opportunity for me to get more. Sucks but patience is key. We will look back one day and be very happy.

RIP to my step-father Joe who passed away yesterday unexpectedly. ☹️ Would love to have the ability to help my Mom with an upcoming bull run in cryptos. That would be a great blessing from the Lord.

A sad WOOT!
Автор - BoC_Rob
quit being so in-between the bullish/bearish state, just admit that you are a REALIST and you think what you think, but Im with you. It is going down
Автор - Kevin Blue
Maybe the status quo is going to knock it down to get people into cash in the Bank in time for potentially a market crash tomorrow October 10. If there was an emergency crash maybe banks would close to public and no one can buy btc but the banks, while everyone is locked out of exchanges and thier accounts to buy at low prices, leaving the public on the sideline while the banks gobble it up jacking the prices skyhigh by the time we call get to a limited amount of cash to buy some. Hmm what do you think?
Автор - Buffalo Global Adventures
As far as reaching or exceeding last Decembers highs, it may or may not happen again this year at the same time. It could be November or February or some other unpredictable moment. If bitcoin does happen to take a 45% dip then consider it another buying opportunity for sure. Stay strong folks! The longer we sit on our crypto the stronger it gets.
Автор - Duece1975
I think you make a big mistake comparing the 2014 bear market with the one in 2018, in 2014 you had a exchange with 70% of the volume going bust, and a LOT of people lost a LOT of money.
Автор - jonasakabuk
I have been watching you for a while and just realized I was not subscribed. Fixed that. Keep up the straight talk don't want anything sugar coated.
Автор - David Perez
There's nothing really special about the 6k level any more, hasn't been for some time now. So I think a cataclysmic capitulation event like that is inevitable, and healthy. When bears and bulls alike can agree that the final bottom is in and it simply can't go any lower, there's nowhere left to go from there but up.
Автор - TheDude0fLife
Even though I’d love to see 3500. I doubt it goes that low. People are going to buy the shit outta bitcoin at every level 5500 5 k 4500 4K.
Автор - chris andre
45% and i will puke then cry
Автор - Tycat07
But are you ready for the 45% gain?🔥 I am lol
Автор - Dave Yeez
Litecoin will be the biggest winner very very sooon. Charts never did anyone any good in cryptos
Автор - Ryan
Thumbs up like these videos, gotta keep it real.
Автор - Ryan Jack
These will be the proper questions to myself and I have no time to FOMO or FUD due to the uncertainty of market direction. What is my target of BTC and LTC? By what time am I planning to achieve that target? Do I have the mental ability to trade the plan in the high volatility situation ? Why did I setup my target ?
Автор - James Haan
Yes im in Cash 💸 I see no reason for this explosion upwards Why? What the reason? Only If the Whales/ Powers to Be want to pump it up? You know Dan if I remember correctly a few days ago V the Guerrilla Economist of Rogue news or Rogue money who deals with whales. I believe said these guys want a much lower Bitcoin more in the level that you were saying now. And these guys buy and sell tens of thousands of barrels of oil metric tons of silver silver massive amounts of gold. You may very well be making a good prediction of possibilities.
Автор - John Knight
I hope you are right...just in case I bought a little bit of BTC @ 6.5k as I believe a fake break will happen soon. Otherwise the big money is waiting aside for the capitulation time or at least to test the 5.7 k to 6.0 k

If people critise this upload is because they dont see the great opportunity in a huge drop in price, dont mind them.

Dan as usual thumbs up!
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