Bitcoin Rally Continues - Ethereum Breakout! (July 2018)

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We'll discuss the Bitcoin Rally, talk about and Ethereum Breakout, and look into incorrect price reporting by coinmarketcap.
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What is going on with CoinMarketCap? Is this a glitch, manipulation? Have I missed something? tell me down below!
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Автор - Crypto Jebb
Jeb, this is totally not your fault, I'm not blaming you, but I can't seem to get a grip on holding and selling, no matter what I do. I must be marked or something. If I hold the price drops and I lose money. If I sell because I don't want it to drop and lose money, it goes up after I sell. If I consult videos likes your for insight, I lose. I'd say you weren't wrong about BTC price direction because you called it incorrectly, you were wrong because the powers that be knew I was going to sell and so the price had to go up 1 hour after I did to remain consistent with my reality.

I also sold ETH for the BTC I sold at $6,526, 1 hour before BTC went up to $6,726 meaning I didn't get as much BTC for the ETH I sold, further adding to my finger and thumb in the shape of an L on my forehead.
Автор - Scott Shaffer
we can see good gains by mid july great content jeb
Автор - deepanshu dahiya
Whos to say its not the exchanges representing the correct numbers , it can go both ways ;)
Автор - RUwatching
Hi Jeb, you should look at DigiByte... Major run the past weeks
Автор - Pascal Bouman
First like. Thanks for the content.
Автор - MTcoiner
Tnx Jebb!
Автор - finster37
Автор - mark a
Come on England!
Автор - Andrew Bowers
CoinMarketcap is posting near future prices. They know :-)
Автор - Sev k
The price on CoinMarketCap is not real time. Binance and Kucoin are still trusted so far. I always trade ONION on Kucoin.
Автор - Neil Huang
Thanks Jebb!
Автор - M N
Good morning all 👋🏻
Автор - Hector Lozano
I can see coinmarketcap doing that, ratings is ratings, but they shouldn't try to manipulate people, this is what crypto is trying to solve and they can just say it was a coding error, thats my analysis and speaking about analysis, i love your analysis mate, you and i had the same head and shoulders pattern seen and it broke out but i wasn't feeling bullish on it glad it turned out to be good, keep up the good videos mate. much love from cali
Автор - Leonard Devine
yea dude, Coinmarketcap is fudging on the price a little, huh? It's the same BS you should expect.
Автор - Stiff Stackler
Coin Market cap was found to be meddling with market caps and other stats to censor or boost certain coins. Some thought they were taking payments for these manipulations, I'd stay away and use a new index site if you keep finding these discrepancies.
Автор - Mari Campari
Are u sure about ethereum this time?
Автор - gurdip Singh
I have been watching how INVACIO is doing for few weeks and could not understand Why Invacio was growing 40-50% for few days but it never got on the gainers list of coinmarketcap?
Even if there was so many coins with only 5-30% of grow.
After the ICO of Invacio the project been constantly under attack of Fud.
Some one really really wants to hide this project and looks like coinmarketcap has price too.
Автор - Emil Olszewski
Breakout? Sure. Nobody's complaining.
Автор - Philson
coinmarketcap has a history of manipulation. Thanks for the heads up jebb
Автор - Sleepy Bacon
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