Litecoin (the "Right Coin!") is About to Skyrocket!!! (Bix Weir)

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Got Litecoin?! Very soon the Crypto World will wake up to the fact that there is only ONE Crypto that is perfectly positioned to be adopted by 7 Billion people on planet Earth as their "Means of Exchange!" #Litecoin4to1
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You know what Bix? Yeah yeah yeah I've been hearing good things about LTC for over a year, loaded up a year ago, bought more on the way up and am now sitting on a $10k paper loss. And Charlie Lee sold at the very top for the benefit of litecoin? Please forgive my scepticism.
Автор - Brian Coombs
Blah blah blah same o crap like always ltc is dropping more and more 😼👎
Bix, I’ve lost a small fortune on your predictions
Автор - MrAdambik
You keep saying this but it doesn’t happen. And when it does you’ll take credit for your incredible foresight. And when it doesn’t you keep saying it will.

How about putting this repetitive announcement on hold.

You’re sounding like Chris Duane.
Автор - mxp2000
Автор - jay D
This guy is a wacko
Автор - byagtrafdlo
This guy has been wrong since the very day ha was born
Автор - Roberto Gil
Clif was clearly wrong
Автор - byagtrafdlo
What about Digibyte, Bix? DGB could replace LTC, in theory. I own both. 150 LTC, 10,000 DGB.
Автор - uhlijohn
Yeah, Yeah Yeah. You said silver was going to explode last month. Wrong. Youre almost always wrong. You seem a nice guy but you're never accountable for anything you say. I have been watching you on and off for years. You kept saying that BTC was going to 13,888. It plummeted to 6k. I cant actually remember you being correct even once.
Автор - Bobby8270
It's not Charlie Lee's decision what currency will be used
Автор - Geraldo Rivera
Other than your sales job of Litecoin you’ve said nothing about the fundamentals of Litecoin that is going to help it “skyrocket” anytime soon.
Автор - JakeWhiteHat
Xrp fees=fractions of a penny and settles under 4 seconds... over 100 partnerships.. xrapid is also now live...
Автор - Xavier Gay-Smith
This idiom often implies that one has “cried wolf” or ("litecoin to skyrocket") too many times and that as a consequence no one will listen to this individual.
Автор - Brooks Brooks
If I had a penny for every time you predicted Litecoin was about to explode, I would have enough money to buy all the Litecoin.
Автор - Bob Leonard
Автор - jay D
I hope all investors in crypto prosper. So, amen and congrats!
Автор - JuliaB1955
Every second video is promoting Litecoin these days? Charlie lee was at that weird party too. And you are an ex banker? Its all looking a bit fake. Did you see your favorite boy charlie Lee debating Roger? The whole video? wow Charlie lol
Автор - Cran Berry
I like Litecoin in spite of your obvious Sales Job on Litecoin.
Question Is whether Litecoin is paying you for this commercial?
All this makes a coin suspect.
Автор - JakeWhiteHat
I woke up today and nothing has changed since yesterday.
Автор - dago gonzalez
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