Litecoin - Most Important Video To Watch On LTC

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Litecoin price has a mind of its own, and doesn't always do what we would want it to do, especially inn terms of Bitcoin. Understanding why LTC price does what it does is one of the smartest things we can do for our cryptocurrency portfolios!

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on Litecoin, but also covers other cryptocurrency news besides just LTC. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

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Комментарии к видео:
It definitely surprises me every time I buy it no matter what price I buy it at it goes down
Автор - Tony Rappa
I buy LTC cuz it's actually useful as a means of exchange. It's just a better coin, & has much more room for growth in the long term.. Not to mention it will be added to almost every crypto index fund when they start getting offered on mass... Prob have its own ETF some day soon as well..
Автор - E. Joseph Louis
I bought 50 LTC for $22 each back in March 2017
Автор - Mohd Chowdhury
Автор - michael campbell
I'm tired for losing money on LTC. I hope it doubles so I can sell for evver
Автор - mi r
I remember I really wanted litecoin to keep going up after I got in during December, then I was pretty dissapointed when everything crashed, but now I am actually glad we're back down at these levels because it gives me a chance to accumulate more at cheaper prices; now I actually want it to hold at these prices for a little longer. My mentality has changed completely.
Автор - CamShram
Litecoin my favorite coin it will catch up soon.
Автор - Private Pyle Name
I got click baited “important notice on litecoin” LOL. Guys all other coins follow bitcoin because it is most decentralized, battle hardened and has best developers on the planet.Litecoin is right behind it. In other words most believe if bitcoin fails all other coins will fail too. LOOK at the LTC/BTC chart to jump back and forth in order to acquire more BTC and LTC for the long haul if your a good trader GL !!
Автор - Chester Copperpot
LTC sleeping giant lol 👌🏼💰
Автор - Matthew White
litecoin will make the **ALL STAR** team this year. We just need to continue playing the season and wait for the playoffs to begin. Go! LITECOIN!!!
Автор - King Koing
I am so tired of people complaining about Litecoin's price. I am in for the long run and probably not going to sell into 2025, when LTC is at least worth $1000. In my opinion, Litecoin needs to go mainstream before iy succeeds. We need a chain restaurants and retail stores to start accepting Litecoin first.
Автор - Samuel Galvez
Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed LTC’s patterns as you mention here. Those of us that have lived through those parabolic upward moves but haven’t experienced a major bear market are just wondering what happened to those random pumps and getting worried. I’m in that category of people and my only recourse to stay in is because of what LTC represents and it’s superior tech, growth, team and steady adoption. So it is refreshing to have you point these trends out on the charts. Thank you very much Dan. I’ve been kinda watching all weekend and thinking to myself that I’m glad Litecoin just kinda hangs in there while other coin’s pump up and down and all around. As much as I want to see Litecoin be the lead in the race.....I realize how unhealthy that is. Have a good Sunday😊
Автор - 24 Rooter Of Yakima
more expensive btc =more money going to ltc....
Автор - georgios gusos
LTC took back seat to the King BTC, now Little Bro DGB has been getting all the attention, LTC better get it's marketing together or more disappointment.
Автор - Speedspirit100
Litecoin is a lagging indicator on the up that overreacts. With extremely predictable results on the down.
Indeed, if BTC goes up and then goes down again, LTC will go down guaranteed if it hasn't had enough time to catch up. It's how it works.
BTC sneezes and LTC catches a cold and stays in bed.
Автор - guinnesspeaks
Ltc to 5k usd till December jus hodl
Автор - shueb khan
Guess I have to buy more LTC 🎅
Автор - Debra Elkins
What a wonderful future to come thank you for the information Dan!
Автор - Ed Rodrifhez
Ltc to moon soon
Автор - John Ryder
LTC to $100 in December..
Автор - Black Tiger
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