Litecoin Is Moving! - Litecoin On The Cusp Of A Breakout?

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That bump was by 1 entity over a 1 minute period buying up the order book. I'm still on the sidelines waiting for definitive confirmation on which way we head like many of us. Hopefully we see it by the 13th.
Автор - brad ross
It is manipulated, video closed.
Автор - Frank Robinson
You send your tubes to Bitrex and from there you can trade to BTC !!
Автор - buscando CryptoDinero
Hopefully some good news for Litecoin 👍👍👍
Автор - SilverLimey 79
Can't you add xrp?It will be number 1 say blue chips,xrp is battling eth for number 2??Don't get it?
Автор - Dave c
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