Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH ETP Technical Analysis Chart 9/11/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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Ive lost a lot of money and almost 1 full year on this crypto thing... bad trip
Автор - Adonis Cruz
Recorded 2:40 PM Eastern
Автор - TheChartGuys
Shorting Crypto has been too easy this year for me haha! Come on bulls let's see a real fight now the descending triangle is coming to an end and see if we can break above the resistance!!!
Автор - Daniel4K
The Bulls need some Canadian M.J...
Автор - El Gerardo Edwardio
That Idea is great Dan about the grow place right next to the hotel. I love to hear when peoplehave these ideas! Whetherit would be everything that the person incisions or not is not my point. It is that it is very rare to even hear someone share an idea that is different or new. And it makes me have hope and know some people will still use their mind and be able to create thoughts that are not part of the hum drum work/ job/ I can only do this in life mindset. It's cool Dan! Always enjoy your videos. I gave a homeless person a solar powered flashlight last month. It was given to me becausei just have a flashlight obsetion. But I passed it to him
Today they saw me and told me that they lost it and apologizedto me for loosing it. I felt they missed why I gave it to them. Because I could help them even if they had It for 1 day I really didn't need it and it could be useful to them more than me. If I can't share to those I can when they need I can't expect that energy to flow back with (for example a good idea when I might not have one). But it is about flow. Your video a few months back basically touched on that! Thanks Dan.
Автор - Tom stevens
I guess that’s it huh, those of us that didn’t give all our money back in January and learned about this tech just need to enjoy our vacation. It has been a long hard year even if I did zero labor. I’m beat I’ve read ,ore this year than I did in college.
Автор - Kevin McKee
1 month 6 months it could be 1-2 years which has happened before. Most of the time cryptos are low except for occasional major bull spikes that occur in 6 month time frames before descending into nothing again for 2 years.
Автор - David Edward
i love this guy's honest opinion... it would have been a lot better for me if only i've known of his channel when i just started. much appreciation bro.
Автор - PrinceArt77
Nice one. I'll continue to average in. Eventually my day will come.
Автор - VentionMGTOW
nice. great analysis.
Автор - The BlockChain Baller
Thanks Dan
Автор - Randy
I like your TA but WTF! It did not show up untill 3 hrs after the first comment? Bell is tagged.
Автор - Jeff Me
Well guess im first ;D
Автор - Sveakarlstad
Selling is lifeu
Always enjoy your anecdotes 👍
Автор - Mark Foster
good info and great reminder that patience is key!!!
Автор - Topher Kety
Ya'll missing out on $DOGE.
Автор - x86cowboy
You think they are depressed now? Just wait till the 29th when the real final dip comes in with the delay of the ETF everyone has been waiting for....its quite perfect actually.....this will be the dip of the year that you will want to get...i meant lifetime...The market move will come with Bakkt(starbucks/Microsoft) and Xrapid going live with over 100 banks come Nov/Dec (They WILL replace Swift btw) with the CBOE etf's final decision being passed in Feb capitulating the market even further to a place we can't even imagine. You heard it here..consider yourself's lucky, you still have acouple months to buy.
Автор - Aaron Dubbss
Thanks dan appreciate your update videos!
Автор - Cali_Life Style3
Why can I hear Buffet and Gates saying I told you so
Автор - 80sruler
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