Lets learn DBFZ! - Post-vanish offensive dash option select

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An option select is where you do one input(or series of inputs) and the best option always comes out. In this you will get to dash and continue offense, but also get to block an incoming attack in a post vanish setup!

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An option select simply means in the course of one action, you will get the best result. So in this, after a vanish you can dash forward to catch a backdash, see a reflect happen and beat it, but still be protected and able to block if the enemy chooses to hit buttons after the vanish!
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According to the stats this is my 199th Dragon Ball FighterZ video! So next one is #200 and for months I have heard you guys so to make it a bit special 200th video will be Trunks Tips and Tricks! Well, unless there is a trailer or something anyways!
Автор - rooflemonger
everyone is asking when will 17 be revealed as if it isn't obvious lol. the 17th
Автор - animalpath
More advanced tech for advanced mind games! Neato!
Автор - Phdbot4
God damn when is 17 gonna be revealed
Автор - Denis N
Happy birth month roof
Автор - Uraniumbeevur
17 reveal at scr?? 🤔🤔
Автор - MarcoDaCat
Damn you're through. No fluff either. One can easily tell how much you love fighting games.
Автор - early man
This still lets the opponent jump away from your post vanish pressure
Автор - Nir Goren
Rooflemonger's a big naughty bear who just can't help educating the public about post-vanish offensive dash option selecting ;^) . Bad bad rooflemonger awooooga.
Автор - Xyamaca Fly
Thank you so much for explaining these system mechanics Rooflemonger! I have no idea how anyone finds out about option selects or being able to figure out these mechanics down so preciesly! I hate being the type of player that has to go against Higher Level players to level up my skills... it ends up being super degredating at points... but its that adrenaline rush and when you're finally able to catch up with better players that makes it worth it. Only problem is that its skill through muscle memory rather than understanding, this content helps out SO MUCH!
Автор - maniacallyhappy
Yes! 200th episode, you will finally do my boy Trunks! Thank you man.
Автор - MrPomegranX [Matoi]
Nice video, really enjoy your content so far, helped me a ton!

Could you make a video about safe jumps? I always fail at doing safe jumps, always end up eating a wake up lvl 3/DP
Автор - Rough Box
Go to sleep roof
Автор - TaTwizzle
Hey roof how do you deal with super defensive players that almost never jump towards you
Im having hard times against this people while winning a lot against others
Автор - joseph orona
Thank you so much for this...this will be a huge help to me
Автор - Pillzer one
Super helpful, thank you!
Автор - Leo Coyne
@rooflemonger Thanks man, I'm getting to an acceptable level to play this game everytime I watch one of your videos XD.
Автор - TheMinigamer83
Forcing vanish is even stronger now!
Автор - Ronnichu
Yay just what this game needed, more offensive options :’)

Great vid as always roof
Автор - daine333
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