Why Did The Market Fall?, Bitcoin Will Hit $36,000 And Ethereum Futures Launch

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Buy the dip. Buy the dip. Buy the dip.
Автор - dhalsim shoots
This Mt. Gox situation has gone from redunk to redunkiless....seriously man, I read the actual court order that stated the trusteee Kobayashi could do NOTHING until sept when the next court hearing will occur. This leads me to believe and wonder if this selloff is indeed really happening. I know that wallet address is somewhere around. Can we get verification that this sell off is actually happening? Another 8,000 sold which leaves how many? I’m so sick of hearing about this I honestly have blocked much of it out.....
Автор - J.T. Irby
The Mt Gox/Upbit stuff shows how little charts matter.
Автор - Bit of a Kick
Has this Trustee idiot ever heard of an AUCTION??? Sell ALL of it at once outside the market and be done end of story!!!
Автор - J.T. Irby
We should do a class action suit against the Mt.Gox Trustee...
Автор - twogooddogs
I salute you for doing research for all of us!
Автор - Kent Huang
There was a raid on a south Korean exchange
Автор - howard thorpe
Please do a video on EOS & RIPPLE
Автор - Crypto Man
Big money is manipulating the market cos they wanna buy cheap :)
Автор - Aleš Gaber
8 thousand coins and 30 billion gets wiped lool
Автор - Amjid Ali
The market price goes up and down based on the ratio of buying and selling. There can be manipulation on these stats within exchanges.
One huge whale can still easily move the market.
The Mt. Gox whale has been instructed to sell in order to hold down the market.
This slows the growth of crypto and allows big players to move in.
Автор - Tao Jones
I told you guys before, and I'm going to say it again...someone put a hit out on that clown, Kobayashi!!
Автор - Mykehawk3
Imagine the day when Nakamoto moves all of his coins.........
Автор - Sam Ho
This is good in the long run. No single person should hold that kind of amount, the more people buys hes coins the better for the stability and economy. Personally I'm not going to cash out mine for nasty corrupt fiat anyway. I'm gonna spend it when crypto is the norm in the future
Автор - Peter Parker
Let's sue the shit out of them.
Автор - CapitalCryptoCurrencies
despite recent prices, I am still wildly optimistic about the future of bitcoin and ethereum
Автор - Dreamwood Media
Автор - mivec gpx
First as always. Shout out to modern investor, please haters stay away
Автор - New Age
Hope nothing bad ever happens to Mt. Gox Trustee... let's all keep him in our prayers. 🖕
Автор - steven lussier
This is nothing mt gox still has more to sell. He’s gonna sell more at 11-12k
Автор - PA93
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