Litecoin & Bitcoin END OF YEAR PRICE PREDICTION (My Opinion) StarBucks Accepts Crypto CLARIFIED...

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Litecoin & Bitcoin END OF YEAR PRICE PREDICTION (My Opinion) StarBucks Accepts Crypto CLARIFIED... скачать видео - Скачать
Комментарии к видео:
so whats your btc end of year prediction. you rambled forever and never said
Автор - BlackMagic553
Very conservative... Btc 70k
Ltc 3.5k.. Maybe I'm too bullish???
Автор - jordan young
There is no volume. Are you guys on crack? Stop the insanity now, It's going nowhere..
Автор - jan Akoub
Going to be trading for 75-125... for awhile. Once litecoins halving takes place it's going to be wild
Автор - Joey Guzman
Killer video man keep up the great work 😬
Автор - alex wright
did you day 20000 litecoin?
Автор - Megastroke
making a prediction for year end is ballsy dude.. if you nail this though you may be the next crypto progidy
Автор - Seth Shepherd
Ltc down to 20 maybe....
Автор - Michael P
Serious ? You are doing predictions now ? Very hard thing to do , especially if its concerning future events that haven't happened yet . Doesn't seem to be a good idea for your channel , in my opinion a non biased approach and anticipation for a down trend as well , is more realistic and preferable information. But I do realise that this is what most viewers would LIKE to hear.
Автор - frenkynofuzz
Автор - dude man
good video
whatever price goes up and down I will keep buying more. if its 23$ great I will buy 100 of it. If it's 2300$ great I could sell a few part of it.
Автор - Hanz Lee
You like to take the mouth of the triangle? What the hell does that even mean? Like you take a random jump of 400%??

I don't understand how you would assume that. But I think too it will go up. Because the price goes down demand goes up? So if the price drops below 50, people will buy like crazy. So naturally price will go up. But I don't believe it will climb over 3k.

It will top out at 1k around end of November and beginning g of Christmas. It was for every currency sometime around there that the prices went to heaven.

But of course I would love to see 3.5k 😁
Автор - Andrija Grgic
First! Lol
Автор - da'shawn crowder
It could be anywhere...200 to 1000 plus...way to many variables will be in play over next 5 months to make any accurate predictions ...
Автор - roadstar499
Best sentiment EVER man, thank you for your support and indepth reality based approach. 💯🥂
Автор - unit entierly
Yes Thank you SOOOOO MUCH YOU DA MAN!!!!!!
Автор - Dave c
That's so lame. I going to buy my coffee at dunkin donuts then
Автор - Seth Shepherd
Hey hold up the 50 move above the 200 already on daily????!!!! Waiting for this golden cross lol
Автор - Rico Suave
Thank you! for the info.
Автор - graymer mesa
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