VERY IMPORTANT: Litecoin & Bitcoin At The Brink Of Falling...

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friends please be aware of Buliding 7 which fell down all by itself..... no one talks about it...
Автор - chrisiden’re giving in to FUD. Go back to basics and remind yourself how revolutionary blockchain is as a technology. Also.....9/11 was an inside job.
Автор - martin savage
wait for 25$ for LTC to buy in again...
Автор - tomski thechamp
Huh? How old are you? you were probably like 2 years old if that.
Автор - John Wayne
Автор - JDI -Tube
Which plain 😂 It was just manipulation it wasn't any plain crash..
Автор - Kataliaful
No hope for Litecoin at this time. Pretty much dead.
Автор - Chad Weaver
Do you notice the 3 points of contact bullish divergance in rsi on litecoin? I haven't seen the 4h bitcoin yet but it's probably there too.
Автор - Robert Tomkinson
more than two planes crashed into things that day. Dont forget about the pentagon and in shanksville
Автор - Doc Gunslinger
Remember bout a week after 9/11 when I started to realize how the Bush admin officials each spoke to media. And they didn't match. And I thought somebody was lying. Had never heard the term conspiracy theory at that time.
Автор - robert b
I do not care if it goes to $1, because if it does, I'll just but be mega richer later!
Автор - David Watts
Hi Marcus, if would be nice if you could review software and hardware wallets maybe software first as they are free. Then reviews of dapps like Flixxo, Bloom and others are already in beta versions. I know it takes longer to prepare but it would be good Crypto content in my opinion.
Автор - Jay
Also, learn how to use trade bots and give tutorials on how to use them.
Автор - CyptoLiam
I would like you to make videos about investing into cloudmining for BTC and alts with a reputable company such as genesis mining
Автор - CyptoLiam
Keep up the awesome content Hayden!!
Автор - Sammy Gingello
Автор - unit entierly
low prices more...
Автор - georgios gusos
Hey bro. Sup ma man?! Do segments on global market trends m. See where we all sit globally in the economic front. Where crashes are happening or will happen. Maybe do a once a week segment?
Автор - Robert Jones
Автор - IRIA
Your 9/11 is someone else's 24/7
Автор - Michael Gordon
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