Coinbase Passes On Ripple XRP Adds Ethereum Classic!

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Ripple XRP is no hype has utility and solves real world problems!

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We in a damn gorilla market
Автор - Nonbruh
Someone oughta give Keith a goddamn Oscar XD
Автор - Master Epps
Ripple can buy their way into any exchange, they can buy up any company that gets in their way. Coinbase will have to add Ripple when it gains more dominance in the space.
Автор - Journey to 100k
Автор - Jungle Inc
“Eheruum classic!? Who da hell want that cone”!?😂😂😂😂😂
Автор - killiron
Hahahah good work
Автор - Robert Le
I eat coneflakes for breakfast BUY XRP ☝️
Автор - MARIO
Автор - All Kinds
LOL, Conebase
Автор - Thinking Crypto
LMAO!!! Best intro ever!
Автор - Travis Stevens
We crashing boys, put everything into Tether
Автор - David Gao
buy the dip....moon is coming.
Автор - Norbert Chong
Coinbase kept all their customer's ETH Classic from the ETH fork, and are now ready to unload. Legalized robbery.
Автор - Milan Vujic
hilarious my nigas hilarious
Автор - Luke Jackson Jackson
It’s great you all are in xrp 100%. Now we need you all to research news and make funny content on it. Welcome to the revolution. 👌🏿
Автор - Travis Onwu
Its gonna be alright.
Good thing I didn't invest more than I could afford to lose .... oh wait I did.
Автор - Dr.Florida
LMFAO dude this channel is gold!!! So glad you guys have a crypto channel, keep making these hilarious videos haha
Автор - persianfoo
two Cuba Gooding Jrs can´t be wrong XD
Автор - Ysmael Hernandez
ETC > XRP lol
Автор - The_Crypto_God
We losing all kindz of money... All kindzzzzz
Автор - Takanomi Nakamoto
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