John McAfee- Changes Bitcoin Prediction, Talks Facebook Privacy & FBI Director Comey

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John Mcafee has an interesting story. Patrick Bet-David talks to him about Facebook security, Bitcoin and his thoughts on the future of our privacy.

About John Mcafee:

John David McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994, when he resigned from the company.

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Комментарии к видео:
talk about bitcoin starts, thank me later
Автор - Tal Rasha
Whether you like McAfee or not, he is ALWAYS interesting to listen to!
Автор - Janne Wolterbeek
This interview is brilliant 100% 👑
Автор - GoXR3Plus Studio
Disappointed to see McAfee smoking. Thought he was smart.
Автор - MegF
That gun though. Protecting your private keys like a boss 😂😂
Автор - Percy Tienhooven
Best interview I've seen in years, very enlightening. I never liked Comey from day 1, what a slimeball.
Автор - shivercanada
google is not invaluable, Mr McAfee.....i used to be quite fine before they kept plowing into my every movement every device, even though i removed the stream...good thing our grandkids are smarter and have many more choices now...Thankyou and Bless You John😊
Автор - Ginger Ware
Every grown adult over 25yo who wants to pack a sidearm, should be encouraged to do so. Society would be safer and more polite.
Автор - whitehorse1959
john mcafee is a modern day gangster
Автор - Bitcoin Hustler
"Please Lord" keep up with these amazing interviews.
Автор - Michael Taylor
great one! keep it coming! answer the door with a gun at 43 :00, nice ! dont trust anyone!
Автор - Fit freak
Interview triggered
Автор - GoXR3Plus Studio
Click bait title! He's not changed his position at all.
Автор - Mark Browne
I remeber bitcoin being 800$.. It was not a long time ago..
Автор - Moe Drumz Beats
He has people light his cigarettes for him. That's boss status!
Автор - Author Craig Daub
actually, I started to like this guy... my previous opinion was base on some crap news. in short, nice chap
Автор - dogecoin digger
May communism - and leftism in all its permutations - rot in the dung heap where it belongs. Ancap till I die!
Автор - DL Beaven
Автор - J Evans
No one seems to have watched the special on McAfee on Netflix recently. It basically accuses him of killing his neighbor.
Автор - Robert Stiles
Rumor has it, John Mcafee forced Patrick to take his interview and upload it on spot with that gun :p
Автор - The Fan Guy
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