"XRP Is Better Than Bitcoin & Ethereum", Cardano Improved And Ethereum Classic "Manipulation"

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If there wouldn't be alts, BTC would have no use case. The BTC volume is mostly money going into and out of Alts.
Автор - Zuver
It’s funny: so many comments with people spitting on XRP.

A lot of amazing, smart, and successful people like Arrington are backing XRP and foresee a very bright future for it. I value and trust the views and opinions of those people more than I do of useless and childish people on YouTube. I mean, if you would have been smarter and more successful, you wouldnt kill time placing dumb comments on channels like this!

PS: Modern Investor, you rock!
Автор - Luc Lammers
backing up the xrp truck....lets get it!!!
Автор - Jake Fereaud
XRP the standard
Автор - tater omally
XRP haters can hate all they want because once Xrapid goes live and get worldwide adoption it won't matter and they'll wish they'd have invested instead of talkin trash lol
Автор - Theoklez
love the low prices buying all I can hope it gets even cheaper love the blood bath I'm in for long hold hands of steel
Автор - John Elser
Ripple is my nest egg.
Автор - ren
Cardano needs Ledger Nano support
Автор - Fabio
It takes 2 weeks for me to be able to send my crypto from Coinbase to Binance. Now, I just use Uphold, which is faster and I can buy XRP directly.
Автор - BBH101
Just bought more omg, and xrp..
Автор - mit p
XRP at this price is what I wanted all year lol 😍 thanks for the upload Modern Investor
Автор - Stack Habit
XRP can is kinda like the backbone of other currencies. But for trading, its BTC and ETH anyday anytime
Автор - Danny Aron
Not just that, XRP will be for sale in 88 countries using Paypal, Visa or Mastercard through the iPhone version of from late August , as well as Android app in Sept
Автор - Cryptoversity
Personally I unfortunately think September is too soon. Thinking more like December before we start seeing some kind of real movement
Автор - Nathan Howard
Xrp bagholders make me giggle. 35 cents. Ouch!
Автор - Eyez Wideopen
In terms of quick transactions: yes. In terms of store of value: no.
Автор - Martijn M
$589 eoy
Автор - Cilo Olgado
Modern Investor, thanks for your videos and your time!
Автор - Jesus Mora
Hyper-Fomoization: The extremely heightened fear of people missing out, resulting in them doing and saying ridiculous things (Their behaviour can be compared to that of a RABID dog)
Автор - Gavin Moze
Excellent but I think this is the right time to trade.
Автор - Tony Jones Williams
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