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If is not manipulation what is it? I understand a few coins going down but why all and at the same time?. Each coin should have independent performance right?
Автор - Ashley G
Low volume is a good Indicator that this was coming
Автор - Script Skynet
That was crazy, I actually watched it happen on coinbase! Litecoin went down to 52.35 I believe, I bought back in at 53, but now I'm thinking it might go down to 50....oh well can't win them all, it will recover soon!
Автор - Deplorable Patriot
Maybe Asia woke up and saw the stock market was decimated and panic sold their cryptos. Now the Nikkei is tanking
Автор - Old School Comp Sci
I'm sorry but you should not be a spokesperson for crypto. At least until you have a grasp on this market. The drop was not as big as you believe. If you have been around since 2013 you'd understand . . Take it a day at a time, be objective not subjective. . Dont sensationalize everything, your followers will be misguided and confused when the real moves happen
Автор - bitman90
$52.75 USD (-8.68%) , LTC is a scam... will be less than 5 usd by next year.
Автор - Ariel Oros
Well it was 50/50 It was going sideways for awhile and even with good news for some cryptos the market still remained flat. So if the stock market crashes I guess the cryptos will follow suit.
It does and it doesn't make sense. Cryptos should be immune but this example clearly states it's not so if people have extra money to spend they will speculate on a long shot?
There was only one crypto dude on youtube calling for a drop and be prepared. If you believe in crypto this would be a great time to buy or average down but whenever I hear average down some people assume that people have an extra 50k just lying around to do that. of course the moto is you should never invest more than 10% of your portfolio in any investment.
Автор - John Wayne
Manipulation man, dow jones dropped in the stock. My opinion is manipulating because wallstreet wants to get into the crypto realm. Also see the bakkt coming next month, here comes the introduction to the traditional investors, but trust it we need this!
Автор - Jeremy G
Everything you stated pretty has happened. Initially you said it would come down but I thought the support was there due to the sideways movement but your bang on! Just need to wait for the upturn. Bought some more thanks.
Автор - SilverLimey 79
Cryptos are down but hello? Did anyone notice the stock and bond market?!
Dow down almost 1400 points last two days
BG said RED october and that's what's it's looking like.
Автор - KingJamesBible
I seen that when I was on coinbase. Of course I bought the dip.
Автор - Zéco
Manipulation, just hold😎
Автор - mezguld
Tube coin is holding OK lol
Автор - demon 2017
ive been waiting for sub 4k btc for 4 months
Автор - Chris Cooper
Pretty gnarly. Good time to DCA. I’m loving this down market. Let ‘er tank.
Автор - Reading & Eating
what is your configuration for the MMA?
Автор - Salem abu-alem
Автор - KING .LosAngeles
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