Bitcoin Ethereum XRP MDABTC Technical Analysis Chart 10/10/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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I showed this to my local group of billionaires... One of the guys pulled out his cellphone, called someone, and said "Dump it."
sad face
Автор - Nug U
The bulls have now left the building.
Автор - Ryan Kirk
Eth broke bearish so did btc right after posting
Автор - RabbiChutzpah
damn dan we need update!!! it got dumped after you posted the video
Автор - wh whuirw
Dan, I hope everyone in the Crypto space and Markets in general get access to your videos and words. I feel lucky to have found your here in YouTube! Have a good night!
Автор - huntikis
I showed this to my local group of billionaires in zimbabwe, they saw the dump and went all in and bought .00001 btc
Автор - Roy M
All the markert is dumping there is someting big bihind
Автор - Elchapo Loco
FBI Investigation officially underway regarding Chart Guys Dan being the kingpin connected to market manipulation in stocks, oil and crypto.
Автор - yeeluvspizza
Always insta liking here begore ive even seem the video xD
Автор - coddudeful
What are those white cylinders in the video at the end? Also you filmed this like 30 minutes too soon, wish I could see your analysis of the big crash
Автор - gorginhanson
To those saying 'but it dumped!', remember that before the big move you often see the terminal shakeout. In Wyckoff it is called a spring or a (secondary) test. Bulls want the people selling at the first dip to leave the market, otherwise a bull run will be weak AF. Too many bots in the market too at the moment. If I was to pump 1B into the market, I would prefer to have some algos on my side. That happens after a shakeout. Not all dips are bearish.
Автор - Henk ter Linde
I'm still waiting....getting difficult though to stay on the sidelines.  Waiting for blood in the streets to enter, I think it is coming.
Автор - Travis Evans
man....i wish you'd get some funds onto a regulated exchange where you can margin trade....i'd love to see how you fare when you can trade both ways
Автор - TheFujac
Today is a pretty rare day, Gold is low, USD is low, Oil is low, Bitcoin and altcoins are low, stocks are low, where the hell did the money whent? Can you figure out what's going on?
Автор - Javisman Terminator
Looks like my local billionaires decided they really wanted to dump their crypto to put back into stocks!
Автор - Ben Androvich
Is it really some bulls here and some bears over there, or is it just a bunch of big traders who manipulate the trend either way, with deep pockets so they can cause a pump or a dump (working with sentiment) and go long or short on whichever way they force it to go?
Автор - T Stedman
When stocks crash investors first move to USD. It takes sometime before they realize the stock market is going further down taking the economy with it. At that point they will move to deflationary assets.
Автор - many times
No matter what sector, the “BUY long” button is not longer available. What the hell is going on. Thank dan keep doing this!
Автор - Shadow Moses
Hallelujah. Let the slaughter begin.
Автор - andrew munz
Still so many people waiting for lightning to strike twice 😂
Автор - Buffalo Bill
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