ETHEREUM's Collapse Continues + Vitalik Buterin - Today's Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Ethereum and Vitalik Butering. He also touches base on IOTA's new partnerships. This is a daily segment!
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Ethereum Co Founder Vitalik Buterin Explains The ‘No More 1,000-Times Growth’ Crypto Comments

Vitalik Buterin Tweet

ETH on Coin Gecko

Vitalik: "I never said that there is "no room for growth" in the crypto ecosystem."

Bitmex Accused of Manipulating Ethereum’s Price

Altcoin Buzz Tweet

Paris Saint-Germain Becomes First Football Club Ever To Launch Own Cryptocurrency

Any Surfers Catching This Wave? Waves Platform Deploys Smart Contracts

IOTA Is Radically Advancing the Internet of Things

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Комментарии к видео:
Vitalik has not eaten in years. There's no cognizant reasoning on an empty stomach
Автор - Miroz
Wild times.
Автор - fhoplist
Vitalik Buterin + Charlie Lee = Bad Leader
Автор - Camelot
Vitalik is a wank.
Автор - m1
Keeping an eye on ETH if it starts to look like it'll rebound ima buy and hold
Автор - Rosco Jenkins
Crypto Kirby said eth would crash about 3 months ago. I thought he was crazy. Still don’t tune in to him, just don’t like the style.
Автор - Sunsettvu
Immaturity is cause of the collapse of his empire.
Автор - T2
Matty, Can you do a video talking about Etherum Classic? I it's purpose, do you think it's worth buying etc...
Автор - chicodusty30
You can only win with XRP 🏆
Автор - Lama Light
Hey Mattie Thanks My Friend, Man am I Glad I never did like Eth, save myself a Whole Lot Of $$$$, I'm sticking with The King MR. BITCOIN for Better or Worst till Death Do Us Part, My Best Marriage so Far, Peace
Автор - Andres Olimpo Tamayo
With a cap of inly 190 million . I'll take 100x gainers all day. Which there are numerous projects out there with that potential.
Автор - K Freeze
Great video!
Автор - Crypto Currencies and BitCoin Breaking News and Trends
Man this is sad. Lol can't believe people are still investing in this crap lol
Автор - alan sin
I feel like you guys should have your own discord server. For faster news updates
Автор - JD3Sniperwolf
Dumping equals future of cheap coins. Nice.
Автор - Johnny Tangstad
Vitalik 'Money Skelly' Buterin
Автор - Enoch Rawk
Yes and It's because its making room for Vechain.
Автор - AL'sGamingCorner
We need some good-old Jeff Motivation talk!
Автор - Thomas Wolvers
Craig Wright is playing with Vitalik he is cracking lol.
Автор - Ant C
1 more year left in this bear market
Автор - ShortTheWorld now
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