Daily Update (5/15/2018) | Could Ethereum futures be around the corner?

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Комментарии к видео:
Can you talk about Elastos????
Автор - sojol rehman
Litecoin is dead. Charlie Lee screwed over LTC investors. This coin has the bleakest future out of anything in the top 20
Автор - DIELAN
Can you talk a bit about Qlink?
Автор - Remco Kelly
I'd love to see TA of Substratum!
Автор - Matthew Peterson
Thanks for covering Oyster PRL! You could have maybe brought up the chart and talked about that a bit as well.
Автор - Robin G
Автор - Seth Eckel
prepare for a massive dump.
Автор - kasperfish
Can you please cover WALTON?
Автор - Thailand Pro
I really dont think there will be a massive bull run until november/december if then
Автор - PlatinumState
Cover VEChain for price
Автор - Pleiku Nguyen
I wish you start follow up on Zilliqa.
Автор - Sundancer S
Thanks Nick like always top info. Thanks
Автор - Roland Senn
Neblio, please.
Автор - Faisal Bhatti
Thanks for the update Nick!
Автор - MrHarrilasagna
Hey Nick, thanks for market update. Pls also cover Zilliqa also for chart analysis. Keep going buddy :)
Автор - Abhinav Tiwari
But why no Neo? :'(
Автор - Nicolas Mathieu
Since you asked, can you cover DASH and BTG? Thank you as always for the great video!
Автор - ResseXxGaming
Nick Its pop-e ! Brodie please do us a peek on Neblio NEBL and Blockport BPT. Maybe when you do a video on Idex a decentralized exchange you can compare Blockport BPT
Thanks for the update Nick!
Автор - nimo hobbs
Why do you think SUBs price has continued to drop since the release?
Автор - G Ma
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