Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH ETC Technical Analysis Chart 8/9/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 9/15/2017

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Recorded about PM Eastern
Автор - TheChartGuys
shorts still not closing. might have to readjust my target of bitcoin $6750 lol. Salty bears in 3..2..1
Автор - Daniel4K
Holding the shift key for percentages - mind BLOWN.
Автор - Voyage & Hearth
Thank you! It's really helpful whenever you talk about what you'd look for if you aren't in a trade at current price levels AND what you'd do if you were/are in a trade. Bless you!!
Автор - Thomas Godber
For CatCalling you need that Crypto-Lambo thing :-)
Автор - f f
"all these rejections from the middle bollinger band.. and every other line on the chart.."
Автор - AFINO
Can't wait for coinbase to add XLM so Dan can review it on the daily
Автор - Geographer
You were right. Broke 6600
Автор - Stephen Forbes
I still think lite coin is way underrated. It only cost $0.03c to send and is instantly unlike btc and eth. My readings show a $3,500-5,500 btc in couple months
Автор - Purpflowerpusher Denver
Hope those bears have some trail stops. Cause I do believe the trend will reverse. We broke 6516. Still waiting for the RSI to cool down. Think another leg up is in the cards right now. Bears will get rekt soon.
Автор - Rare Music Channel
Thanks Dan, objective and very useful as always!
Автор - Jesus Mora
Goodmorning Dan, my analysis for the 10/8/18 when the market opens. It should have made an AB down and then it should go to resistance and then go short which the bears wants to break support but the bulls are fighting.
Автор - Linnet Minnot
Uh, the bitcoin market on gdax died at pm EST. I thought it was maintenance, but the other coins are still going. Am I imagining this?
Автор - bang your head
ill bet im not alone when I watch these videos I cant help but imagine your probably so chill outside of youtube :) thanks for the videos watch them every day and appreciate the lack of sway sway
Автор - Carl James
I blame the first group of fly's for net letting the new fly's know that they should leave you alone cause you had provided them with their own food.
Автор - mrsticker2
Dan will you say in your video when trend change is confirmed and its safe to buy in big? Have fun on weekend !
Автор - Klemen Rismondo
The only thing holding the price up is the fake 400btc order on bitstamp getting people to buy. They are pushing the price up cos they scaled in to early from 7500 down to 7000 (1000btc - I was watching), now they've lost a lot of money and want to push price back up. Annoys me that they can get away with it, we need regulation. Basicly btc price is controlled by one person or a consortium. As I'm sure most people know anyway. Just makes it harder to trade IMO.
Автор - Seem to have Forgotten my name
Bro about 6 years ago I was bbqing and I left a piece of meat for the flies and they all went there... then my friend killed them with a fly swat... 10 rounds later no flies in my backyard lol
Автор - F S
what do you think about bakkt as a catalyst?
Автор - Alfredo Pacheco
Coinbase halted trading of BTCUSD around 10PM ...MANIPULATION
Автор - Royal Limo
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