Does Litecoin Have Enough Going For It? BTC Fund Manager Crash Prediction?

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I think we all agree crypto is the future, but would you take profits if you KNEW markets would fall? and then reinvest later?

How are you feeling about the current markets? Have any questions or feedback? Please leave a comment below. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed the video please consider subscribing and liking, it helps out a bunch!

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I love this crypto revolution but HATE how manipulated this market is...
Автор - Lincoln K
Any word of what date been added to Gemini
Автор - Gene
Personally, I don't think there's any question that 'some' digital currency will totally replace our current scam system. However, I would expect the government, at some point, to release their own crypto, and then make everything else illegal, or use their vast resources to crash everything else into oblivion. This tyrannical government isn't about to relinquish any power, especially on something like our currency. I'm hoping to make a few bucks in the meantime, however. Thanks Tyler.
Автор - Escape the Matrix
They don’t wanna see us win 🤑
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
Honestly Tyler with the amount of Hundreds of trillions printed around the world and CRYPTOS only has 400 Billion invested in the market cap. This is not even a drop in the bucket. We the Graham family are investing for the future. Yes I am using 10% fiat a month to invest in LTC and other cryptos , but we feel we are at the beginning of the beginning. I truly like when cryptos are on sale so my family can buy more and take out of the exchanges and put on a cold wallet for the near future. This our family opinion. Thanks for the video. Peace to all.
Автор - G. Graham
EYYYYY thanks for the shoutout fam :3 If Litecoin gets below $100 I would consider selling some of my personal objects like my car ect. Hopefully it wont get that bad but hey you never know. my crypto family!
Автор - John Singleton
I remember my Dad telling me about a teacher he had at school who said that colour TV would never catch on.

The market is frustrating at the mo. To be totally honest I can't see a bull run starting any time soon. It's all sideways action.
Автор - Benji's Boxing Channel
I am a larger holder of Ltc and support your channel but this is one of those posts i'd hoped i'd never have to do. I am very uncertain of this current market and I don't profess to be an expert in this field so i can't comment on technicalities with any degree of confidence. The present trajectory doesn't look good, we have failed rally after failed rally and supports don't seem to be holding. Whatever the reason, FUD, manipulation, I don't pretend to know.

Any positive developments that are marketed as game changers just don't seem to sustain support in the price. Why is this? I feel we have to be realistic in these times, as distinct from being pessimistic. Firstly we can forget short term price projections like 'xx' amount by the end of 2018. 18 months to 2 years or even longer term perhaps 3 -5 years I remain very optimistic and shall continue to hold.

Hoping for some end of years projection based on nothing but wishful thinking is unhelpful and damaging to the expectations of the naive or desperate. I am confident the enlightened among us will see this post for what it is. Good luck everyone, alb Tyler, I don't propose to monitor these sites except very occasional, see you all in 2 years.
Автор - Brian Corcoran
Hello Tyler, my opinion the guy squeaking at the start of your excellent video was quoting third had info..... Chinese whispers... like the General who sent a message down the line of command "Send for reinforcements were going to advance"!!!! When the message arrived at the other end "Send for three & four pence were going to a dance".....Believe in nothing that you hear and half of what you see.....Blockchain (Smart Contracts) is the future, it cant work with out coins and tokens, that's the fuel for the engine............ correct theres a few good coins and a lot of crap ones,,,, we both know which is one of the better ones
Автор - Gastfau
I'm interested in your opinion on why the Gemini announcement saw a huge increase in the Zcash price, while Litecoin essentially stayed flat. Thanks!
Автор - josh ackermann
Who's that guy in the video? I don't understand his message. He's basically saying in 2 years the crash will be bigger than what we've had this year? Just how? and how can he see 2 year in advance? I'd like him to bring some arguments and stop reading tea leaves
Автор - Tiziano L.
Damn it Tyler we gave back the $10 we gained yesterday from the Gemini news lol oh well I bought 3 more on the dip 🤭
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
Автор - G. Graham
It will start going up in October 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Автор - jram0001
Is it okay if I leave a comment concerning conspiracies this one particular real?
Автор - MM Double
tyler - no one knows anything, definitive. the space is new and unregulated, so ... i follow and like a lot of the same tubers and crypto people u do, but even maximalists like tone v (who i love) and r heart (also great) i listen to - but take what they say with grain of salt. will most crypto's eventually fail? i would say yes. many reasons, but i do believe it's still a game changing disrupter - and the ones that do survive will be valuable beyond the reasons we can surmise at present. so - not going anywhere.
Автор - Frank Ternay
Tyler, what's your thoughts on Mt Gox.
Автор - slawiter
I think the guy was earlier called BitCoin-Seoul (BTC Fund Manager) and I have heard some not good things so i will probably take what he says with a grain of salt. But still it is good to be prepared for all eventuality.
I think there are a lot of people who are "dis-interested" which makes a lot of ALTs especially undervalued and might remain so until we get a clear trend reversal in BTC. When/if this is going to happen is impossible (for me at least) to know so I am stocking up on the undervalued projects that are still producing and taking steps forward to a working platform, like: LiteCoin, Neo, Substratum, Ethos and DeepOnion to mention a few. I think all of these are going to easily 10x (some even more) if a trend reversal happens and total market cap finds new highs.
Автор - Mr Ebenezar
Hola Tyler, are we going up or down this weekend bud? 😅
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
LTC is a great tech improvement over BTC and it will continue to do great things but I worry about it’s longevity, payment cryptos need to be able to process transactions at a much greater rate than LTC currently can to go mainstream and it won’t be long before another great payment coin comes along that can securely process transactions more efficiently. LTC is four times faster than BTC but like 1000 times slower than traditional payments and not as easy to use that is a problem for LTC, but for now LTC is # 1
Автор - mattjordan730
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