Litecoin Falling Wedge - LTC Continuation Pattern

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Out with the Litecoin symmetrical triangle and in with the falling wedge.

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I wonder who’s gonna win this beautiful ŁED 👀
Автор - Crypto Capital Venture
That would look amazing in the corner by my sofa :D I'd love to see one hell of a bounce upward, need to pay off that debt! Keep up the great work as always Dan!
Автор - John Singleton
Oh my goodness... I want it so bad..
Автор - Lincoln K
Litecoin death soon
Автор - mr sandeep
Good to hear your voice bro and here I am number one again hahaha just send that LED logo to Canada lol
Автор - tam mulatu
LTC to moon :)
Автор - nidhin A
Just one time....C'mon!
Автор - Erick 2.0
Liked, subbed, and commenting, however, I have kids so they would probably wreck it lol. Congrats on the 10k.
Автор - Spankifus5
A lot really depends on what BTC does too. LTC can look so good but if BTC tanks everything comes down with it. We also need volume. It’s been weak on volume as of late.
Автор - Robert Jones
Myself I believe big money is shaking the trees. Looking for loose hands to fall. Hang in there my friends this is not a Sprint it's a marathon. My opinion only those with patience will reap the rewards in the long run
Автор - David Smith
Commenting Below, Hope this posts, been having issues with that .
Автор - Jim Flanagan
I Need that Ltc LED!!!!!!
Автор - Mike Tapia
Litecoin to the Moon!!
Автор - Jimmy Pitsch
Автор - Bradley Allen
Cheers Dan H🌒DL
Woot! I’m in for that sweet LED LTC Light! Would look sweet in my cave! WOOT!
Автор - BoC_Rob
I’m not a student of TA, nor do I believe, entirely, that a charts forecast is accurate. That being said, not a day goes by that I don’t watch your’s or Tyler S’s videos.
As I’ve stated many times, the manipulation will continue until it reaches a point where BIG MONEY (who, incidently, entered late in the game) is satisfied with thier “target” price.
I am confident that the price will not descend too much further or the manipulators will lose thier investments.
By the way, those glowing L’s are mezmerizing⚡️
Автор - Scott Shaw
I’m long and loving these lows. More time to add and balance your portfolio anticipating the next bull run. It could continue like this for months, wouldn’t scare me one bit. The tech keeps building and developing and price is reflecting weary investors and lack of new ones. This exact pattern has happened in almost every market imaginable. It’s all the same, greed and emotion. The only difference is that crypto moves 20x faster than most traditional markets giving investors more opportunities. Thanks for the continued content during these “dark times” dan!
Автор - Kyle Conaghan
Bullish? Are you kidding me 😆

You say if we break $100 we could be looking at $80? That’s bullish? 🤡
Автор - Christopher Capra
i want the logo! lol. Hope litecoin goes up, i only have 3 litecoin but still $300 lost.
Автор - Aden
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