Litecoin Insiders Predict $3000 EOY

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Bought 5 more LTC today at $99. Gonna keep buying this dip. Lower the better. This could be the last chance under $100, folks.
Автор - F-150
Bitcoin Ben is a truck driver, he has no clue about price
OMG! LTC is $100. I am buying back in today.
Автор - Scott Lee
I've been in crypto for 2 years. HODL'ing has always been a good strategy, but never experienced a 6 month correction like this year. Alts have been absolutely slaughtered. I'm not worried about crypto, just tired & exhausted with this drag.
Автор - Norm Bolduc
I dont trust that guy.....i would take mrs crypto 99s. Crypto prediction rather than that blowhard.
Автор - Roger Lasich
I am losing a fortune on litecoin.
Автор - Stephen O Neill
Careful. Bitcoin Ben's insiders told him ltc would be $600 by 12/31/17. Later he said "oops".
Автор - Carol Rose
I think we will be able to get ltc under 75😉
Автор - k n
you look like Robert Dinero
Автор - Steven Campbell
Litecoin Foundation Volunteer here. Ben doesn't know what he's talking about. His comments are basically hearsay.
Автор - theliteschool
Time will tell👍🏿
Автор - Adam Sprague
HODL and celebrate!
Автор - Kevin Rodrigues
Автор - kdel
Is this the same Bitcoin Ben that said it will be at 500 by January 2018,
Автор - kdel
This BS is why Bitcoin Ben was asked to step away from The Litecoin Foundation.
Автор - Rob White
I'm looking toward the Nov-Dec timeline. In the meantime go do something fun. It will never go to zero, and we all know it is a winner....Day to day worries will just make you nuts...I might not sell till 2019.....Buy a new house, and go on vacation....
Автор - Kman Lodi
Litecoin insiders , lol
Автор - David Buett
Sure would be nice 👌. My only question is who are his sources? And where is he getting his info? BTW, I love litecoin and is my biggest holding.!
Автор - Devin Jensen
Maybe back to $4 again
Автор - Oguzhan Dandanakan
70 is the bottom, just watch. The rise really took off in NOV with LTC around 70. That's support.
Автор - Habeev07
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