WIll Litecoin Hold $100 Support? THIS ISNT A CRASH.... (Verge Analysis)

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BTC looks like it's going to drop to 4-5k, which means LTC will drop to $50-75.
Автор - Charlie Nguyen
nope its at $94 lol rip
Supporters have said buy at 120, then buy at 110, then buy at 100... everyone saying it wouldn't go lower. It's at 99 now. . . bears are slaughtering the common man. Rich dumped out again.

Must be nice to be rich and manipulate the market. Further proof that the average person can't get a leg up in this world. The rich will continue to ruin it. I hardly make money as it is and they are wrecking me.
Автор - George Martin
Keep moving those lines buddy, one day you'll nail that bull run!
Автор - Andrew Wan
TOTAL CAPITULATION!....The cryptos are dead because the banksters have succeeded in destroying the competition...No way will cryptocurrency return.. Just kidding guys. This bad time in the market will pass and all GOOD projects/platforms/coins will smash through all time highs. It will just take time so go and enjoy your day and stop looking at the charts for awhile.
Автор - crypto zeus
I'm running out of funds to keep buying the dip.
I first bought LTC in Jan 2018 and it has dropped like a brick out the 18th floor window.
Автор - Dorian 07109
You referenced late November / early December. That "shoot up" was when it was everywhere. CNN, Fox, NBC, etc were talking about it, it was everywhere and was only going UP UP UP. It's crashing... it's not going to shoot up the same way. Gotta have context.
Автор - George Martin
Thanks for another vid. I'm a fan & thanks for doing XVG. Appreciate it.
Автор - B H
Like I been saying btc will keep dropping sell ur crypto and buy back lower btc is going to 5k
Автор - Crypto Unit
Remember the psychology of markets. The smart money waits for people to jump out windows. That's when they buy. Daily Stoch RSI is showing a momentum shift with an up wave coming very soon. Most under appreciated indicator of all time.
Автор - Proud Dad
can't wait for price reversal to start shooting upwards and buyers panicking as I like to call it, the wall of FOMO phase..
Автор - Jlee. Toshi
This is beyond ridiculous. Do you need T/A to try to predict what will happen to an anvil when it’s tossed out of an airplane???
Автор - Biff Bifford
Damn it Hayden everyday you make a video Ltc price drops 😂
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
Автор - vance v
Buy the dip (and keep on buying)
Автор - Neocharm
how is this not a crash?
Автор - MrPinkster1
Good breakout information though.
Автор - George Martin
Buying at 93 and I’ll buy if it goes lower
Автор - Scarsizzle 69
i feel like that bottom support is somewhat subjective by the individual, you can draw the line, depending on the current trend, and make an analysis of said trend line - is that a fair comment?
Автор - Samuel Smart
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