Fireside Chat with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Foundation)

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A conversation with Ethereum’s creator, Vitalik Buterin at TC Sessions: Blockchain 2018 in Zug.
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Автор - Daniel Gatica
Vitalik looks like he smokes crack instead of eating food
Автор - YT stuff
We must protect Vitalik Buterin at all costs.
Автор - Take Flight
Hard not to get excited about Ethereum listening to the great man speak :)
Автор - Nugget's News
Wish I was that smart at that age. Or any age.
Автор - Greg Rickard
Vitalik is an Alien, i'm sure....
Автор - marco mix
Nice to see Vitalik dressed up for the occasion!
Автор - xPowerdriverx
AHA he is human....!!
He sneezed... it's human AHA... he actually sneezed !!
Автор - ZUG ZUG
I love how vitalik is so un-afraid of dropping names of major global companies like IBM and also talking about other cryptocurrency projects so openly. Most of the influential people i've seen either front their own investments and generally stay away from name dropping. The new culture of an influential person openly talking about other companies shows how far we are evolving as a species in the way we perceive commerce, economics, technology and most importantly, we get to see that indeed power is spreading more across crowds of people that would otherwise be considered laymen/women.
Автор - MAWA
Imagine the day Vitalik goes totally bald, Jeff Bezos style.

My god.....the things he'd be able to accomplish.
Автор - Brenna Sparks
Ethereum's top 10 apps have less than 1000 daily active users combined.
Автор - v
Centralized exchanges burn in hell! lol!
Автор - adnfx2
Proof of Sneeze
Confirmed VB is human
Автор - Udaya Bajracharya
Great, could listen to VB forever.
Автор - fefe2222
Vitalik hand-waves here about proof of stake. Talking about Bitcoin hash/miners (as they exist today) is not answering the question about why POS is good or not. The reason Bitcoin mining has centralized (so far) is for historical reasons completely different than centralized entities switching on POS. And Bitmain's monopoly could end any day a big chip maker decides to enter the market in a big way. And he's completely wrong about mining "rich get richer squared", that's just retarded. If miners stop mining - expending resources - they don't get paid. POS stakers get paid for nearly zero resource cost - money for nothing.
Автор - Brad
Love Ethereum..great conversation..lots of big words and ideas.. Question from simple person. What are you doing today to solve these crazy High gas prices?.. Mass adoption can't happen until these things get solved..Today..not in a couple years. Peace..
Автор - Kiss Deano
Enjoy listening to VB when I'm feeling down about the price. Imagine if Andreas Antonopolous and VB duo talks. OMG
Автор - Bitcoin Louie
Didn't understand half of what he was saying but sounds awesome! :D
Автор - John Sagar
You know, Ethereum stinks at the moment because of only 15 transactions per second. But with brilliant people like Vitalik on board, I think they'll improve and push through.
Автор - /
Автор - Tony Butcavage
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