Can Ethereum Be Bigger Than Bitcoin?

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Which coin do You think will be Number 1 in 2020?
Автор - The Modern Investor
XRP will be #1. Love it or hate it, doesn’t matter. XRP dethroned ETH in January for almost a week. XRP has had the strongest growth compared to all crypto over the last 2 years and is leading the pack again this year. As Modern Investor says, its not about what coin you “like” is about which one will make you money. I think XRP will be #1, ETH #2, and BTC #3. But really, who the hell knows.
Автор - Anders Zway
Ethereum takes over BTC, then XRP takes over both of them
Автор - Brad Garlinghouse's Protruding Right Ear
Good insight to think about
Автор - Xpanential
I think you always have troubles ending video's because you are really passionate about crypto! I hope i speak for many of your subs when i say i always feel your vids end so fast because i love your news and share your passion
Автор - cefrio
I think ethereum Will bigger, it has a bigger purpose
Автор - karma police
Ethereum can take the nr1 spot no problem, let them warm the seat until EOS takes the nr1 spot after them.
Автор - cefrio
EOS will likely move up to the No.4 coin if all goes well... then I don't know what will happen
Автор - Fantasy Couch
BABB (BAX)🔥🔥🔥🔥
Автор - crypto_Don_Juan$
1: XRP
2: ETH
3: BTC
Автор - Rune Glaesel
Love your reviews. You also touch on topics that other YouTubers don't. Your research and info is great! thx
Автор - Super Roo
Wow! Great video. There are so many great projects, I still think bitcoin will maintain its position as people continue to use it for transactions and store of value.
Автор - Chris N
Love the long detailed videos you are coming up with these days.. Thanks as always
Автор - Viv1608
If there is one person that I'd have to choose to bet on to make their project work, it would be Vitalik. No doubt in my mind.
Автор - Alin Basuljevic
Prediction: XRP #1. EOS #2.

ETH looks as though it could break under it's own weight. Plus the Ethereum Alliance is simply a research partnership; it doesn't guarantee future usage. Lastly, Ethereum's greatest weakness moving forward is Solidity. Everyone despises it. No application programmer with a choice will choose it over C+, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, Go, etc.

Years from now well be looking at BTC and ETH like Prodigy and CompuServe.
Автор - Ryan Prentiss
I was going to buy Omisego with Ethereum but if OMG is a success will it not just help the Ethereum price more so?
Автор - Cryptoshi
What price would this be for ETH if the flip happened.
Автор - Seadreamer_
Cardano will overtake both
Автор - Michael
The flippenimg will definitely happen for 2 reasons. 1) No "king" last forever. There was a time dial up internet was king. Remember ""? How about the Sears catalog before Amazon? Or NASA before space x. Technology, usability and advancement will always prevail given enough time. 2) the harder btc is to mine the more centerlized it becomes where as POS guarantees decentralization indefinitely.

The day will come when people prefer to use decentralized apps whenever able such as ride sharing and social media because their services will be cheaper, non-censored and without the corporate political bias we currently have to deal with. Ethereum my friends will be far bigger then Bitcoin or any corporation for that matter.
Автор - powerralley
EOS will be in place before this happens likely...They have heavy hitters behind them as well. The likes of Mike Novagrats, Tomorrow Ventures etc... all back EOS. This sounds theoretical but if ETH flips with BTC, we could then be living in a world where EOS flips with ETH to become the number 1 coin.
Автор - Ben
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