Bitcoin Breaks Bullish! Did Ethereum Just Bottom Out?

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Bitcoin broke bullish out of a consolidation pattern dictating its price over the previous few days. In this video we'll discuss this Bitcoin bullish breakout, and the potential bullish implications it may have on Bitcoin price. We also discuss the Ethereum market, and a recent bounce we've seen there as well.

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Ladies and gentlemen, could you please put your seats in the upright position, fasten your seat-belts and observe the no smoking sign as we are about to take-off 😀
Автор - Tucker
You nail it again Jebb. Personnaly I finally jumped it the crypto market 2 days ago (as you can see from my previous posts - I never invested a dime in crypto), I was waiting for a good moment....blood is in the streets now. And so far, I don't regret LOL $$$ For those who are curious : I diversified in BTC-ADA-ETH-XRP-LTC-EOS. It's exciting))
Автор - Jérôme H
The only reason, as I commented yesterday, the US dollar has been going up but it just went down considerably at the same time Bitcoin goes up. Not a coincidence. When the Dollar looses value, no one wants to keep it. Layer the US dollar and Bitcoin charts.
Автор - shivercanada
Автор - Ronald R
Lets go ethereum gimme money :D Jebb <3
Автор - Technik Strom
we broke?from 6,1k lows to 6,5k, man this has all the signs of a bull trap, seen it 2 many times, i say its going down and than up but not straight away
Автор - dadinjo5
No disrespect Jeb...but others who find this too fast. Use YouTube's playback feature to play the video at .75 it all sounds perfect then.
Автор - Rob Nicol
No it confirms the bear flag. If we would’ve traded slowly to 5900 that would have signified a reversal. This is actually quite bearish.
Автор - chris andre
Автор - tclapson
GREAT JOB JEBB, and no corn market caps!! I'm hopping bitcoin goes up to at least 7k so I can make good money mining it. Electric is expensive.
Автор - John Davis
This will continue for a long time. Short squeezes , small runs then over again.. that’s the volatility traders need to accumulate.
Автор - TheCatoLee
dont get exited crypto will come down again next week the stock market is where the money is right now NIO china tesla to the MOON!!!!!!!!!!!
Автор - efrain morales
I brought ETH around $10 I'm not worried about the downturn still holding
Автор - B Money
Anyone still buying into this scam manipulated market is really asking for it. Why don't you discuss fundamentals it makes it clear why the price is going DOWN
Автор - Michael Nadel
Take a breath mate
Автор - Mat Anderson
I agree with the fact that we probably found our bottom on eth and this recent bounce is perhaps the main reason why everything else is going a bit bullish. Something is boring me though, the fact that it's really unlikely that we've already found a bottom on BTC, so if those 2 scenarios are accurate, then we should see some decorrelation between ETH and BTC in the near future. I hope i'm right about that cause i'd definitively put some money into eth in the next hours or so. Which is not an investment advice, blablabla, everyone is a grown up man and should act accordingly^^
Автор - flibustier
Told you ;)
Автор - Michael Manfro
Its nice to see a bit of a rebound for a change i think Ethereum is the perfect poster child of what has happened to almost all the altcoins during this 2018 bear market. All the ico's that have pulled out or delayed added more stress in the downward direction of Ethereum.
Автор - Walt Olszowy
You said you like feedback and I don't know how easy this is to fix but you speak so quickly you actually make me feel a bit stressed listening! I love the content though so i will still watch but if you are able to just breath a bit more and slow down it will be much more enjoyable. :-)
Автор - Atom Collector Records
to me looks like a bearish rising wedge at present time
Автор - Crypto Tripo
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