Daily: Response to Ethereum Price Scare. (Sept 14th)

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Ethereum gave the crypto community a major scare this week as it dipped to $170 earlier this week. In this episode, I discuss the health of the Ethereum Ecosystem and what really caused the scare.

Jimmy Song vs Roger debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkvZoaVHQV0

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I'm not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.
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Автор - Boxmining
I have tokens from cryptocurrency projects I believe in based upon years of due diligence. No matter what the markets do, what the media says, or what governments do, I still own those tokens. Consequently, as long as I continue to believe in those projects based upon their continued success and development, I am unfazed by everything else except what's going on in those projects, and don't get distracted by the ups and downs of markets, the FUD, etc. I simply look forward to the success of the projects.
Автор - Lee Gordon Seebach
What happened to boxmining channel? His channel was going to the moon but then he did a video with suppoman and all of sudden it dropped. I still like his content, though.
Автор - FuFill Your ViBes
Yeah it's way to early in this market and tech to determine the future of both the business and investing side of blockchain.
Автор - wisdomwithwit
can u interview the binance dude and sit close to him
Автор - Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
how much was the cruise
Автор - Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
STO is the future and will eventually replace ICO, which i believe is the reason in the major drawback in crowdfunding.
Автор - Ace Dee
It is good you are back. Best info on Youtube.
Автор - Mundi Guy
I sold my ether
Автор - Fawzi 647
When ethereum will touch $700 again, any speculation? Also, I had learnt about recently airgead, it catches my interest in ICO's, I mean you can get the dividend on your precious metals, which is truly amazing getting paid on your assets, looking forward to knowing more!
Автор - crystal spark
- he casually throws out an "all in, balls deep" haha!
Автор - Jacob Griscom
Wuzzuppp boxxx
We are fook!!!
Автор - Raidel Pichardo
Eth overall value is about 19-20 billion us dollars. The VC's still about 500,000 million in Eth. They shot their load. The madness is over. Now Eth can build it again the right way, starting with Plasma in March
Автор - Teacher Lee
How much money can the SEC make from this ETF, they are holding the world to ransom, yet Americans cannot buy into most ICO’S, bit of a joke that they hold all this power over crypto, but crypto is world wide not just the U.S. make no mistake whales will know about it before anyone else, money talks.
Автор - Greg Burns
Hoping that these projects do not dump all that Ether and crash the price says to me that there are serious flaws in this ICO concept - the investor seems to be at the mercy of the ICO..not a good place to be.
Автор - Broadhurst Gardens
Автор - shAiQ
What happens when the ICO market dies and all the VC's no longer need their ETH. They all dump and we might even lose liquidity coz no one needs or wants ETH anymore.
Автор - philhellmuff
Jimmy Song is a cry baby
Автор - AnEclecticSoul
like your videos dude
Автор - ZxSxPx
Thanks a lot Michael good job
Автор - Mark Carter
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