Michael Novogratz Calls BOTTOM - Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

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Michael Novagratz tweeted tonight that he thinks yesterday was the bottom for the Bitcoin and crypto market! What do you think?

His Tweet: https://twitter.com/novogratz/status/1040288811643809798

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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Комментарии к видео:
Buying BTC anywhere near $6,000 is a blessing
Автор - Weber Coin
Thanks for the update! Your the only utuber in the game doing real time updates as they happen.
Автор - LongRange Crypto
video starts at
Автор - Bull Run
Crypto is like pushing a beach ball under water. The more governments and bankers have attempted to suppress the price of crypto. The further they have attempted to push the beach ball deeper under water. Once the price suppression stops. Like the beach ball rapidly rising to the surface. So too will the price of crypto explode.
Автор - sparky080171
Mike bouta get a whole bunch of people rekkt!
Автор - Muzicboy3
Bring on the bulls!!! And the Ferraris
Автор - Karl Knaupp
I don't think we've reached true bottom but the market will turn bullish anyway.
Автор - Melvin Hollenberg
Yes we are at bottom. Bought $1700 of altcoins yesterday now I have $2200
Автор - Beta D'whor
Not even close to the bottom. Draw a Fib retracement from May 5th down to Jun 24th on a day chart and if you can read charts you will see why each drop occured. Twice we saw news of a large bitcoin account moving large amounts of bitcoin at that time. The latest drop at the 38.2 was planned and executed by a whale paying for fake new to create the short using the fake Goldman Sachs news.When bitcoin hit the 38.2 level it fell on schedule. The 23.6 level has been resistance recently and will be resistance again and a whale will crash it again. Market structure will be broken so this little rally is short lived. So $6775 is the level to watch. Be carefull buying. Just my opinion.
Автор - Kevin
People called september 14th before. let's hope.
Автор - Brainwaves
No bottom yet.
Автор - mike ledesma
Don’t think so man another 30 billion to go at least . People like you on YouTube just pumps it up when market does it’s job so let it do it fully or it will be another few months before we see rally .
Автор - Vikas Kaushik
I don’t know exactly when the market will go up but it will happen within the next 12 months, it’s just a matter of time a lot of stuff going on in the background institutions setting custodianship to buy ,then they will get the public involved to be able to purchase from them. Market will be 2-5 trillion by end of 2019
Автор - Jason V
So the spike can be this dudes call to buy?
Автор - Glenn Hutchison
Calling bull. Wait for sub 4K.
Автор - Chris Wallace
Bottom or not time for hoarding Nuls
Автор - Virgil Ortigas
I bought some Theta ONT, Monero, Elastos and DigiByte tuesday.
Автор - gtorres1719
Nothing to lose everything to gain for novagratz to call a bottom. Technical analysis disagrees with that call
Автор - chris andre
Fuk yeah!!!?
Автор - Mils B
yes aye this is good news
Автор - Raj Alobar
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