Dash - Mamé (King To a Queen) Grenada Soca 2018

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Composers/Writers: Shondell Amada/Jason James/Sergio Wilson

Produced By: Xpert Productions & Hype Lyne Productions
Mixed By: Xpert Productions
Mastered By: Jack Spaniard Productions

Every King came from a Queen. This brand new release from Shondell 'Dash' Amada is a tribute to all the mothers sacrificing unconditionally for the success of their children. The new lyrical masterpiece, by the reigning Groovy Monarch of Grenada, is an upbeat blend of vibrant, energetic rhythms of a traditional Grenadian Groovy Soca. The song takes listeners on a musical journey through the struggles to success with the ultimate source of encouragement; a mother's love. Dash's dedication of a 'King To A Queen' to his mother is an extension to all the mothers that keep supporting their children no matter what, the future is in your hands, we salute you. Mommy!
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