Coinbase And Binance Add Ethereum Classic, Reality Of Bitcoin And IOTA Volkswagen PoC

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Комментарии к видео:
Your the only one who does daily videos Sunday to Saturday up or down... News is very very important thank you.
Автор - Andy Raman
Dude, you don't have to apologize when you stumble. You do a phenomenal job.
Автор - Tony Wilson
Every one should be optimistic , HODL and nothing but HODL.
Автор - emad ali
That make us 2... I also don't care about prices, only i care about is buying cheap, the more it falls the more i buy... Let it fall
Автор - DarkWiser
Coinliker removed their price predictions... Maybe they are as surprised as we are
Автор - Jure Košir
Someone asked why I didn’t get my money out of crypto, I said that I rather lose my money than taking a loss. JUST HODL, everything is going to be alright!
Автор - Morgoer Manger
Bitcoin Futures Contract ends today. Surely it can't be a coincidence every time...
Автор - Daniel Leggett
I've been buying crypto since bitcoin was 17k.... i believe but damn this has been rough so far lol
Автор - Jason Schnereger
Still tanking. This market is brutal! My hodl-skills are tested once again...
Автор - Luc Lammers
So COINBASE holds your fork, sells it at a high price, then buys it back to give you all your coins at a lower price. Keeping the difference. Yep they sound like a bank.
Автор - LDBronx
bitcoin down to 2000$ is still healthy. Don't worry.
Автор - Brian May
The break even for mining is just under $6k. Even if it goes below cost and miners (me included) start turning off rigs it doesn't necessarily support btc price. It just means the rewards for miners "might" increases slightly. If price keeps dropping and there are fewer miners running the processing time will increase as difficulty continues to increase. LTC is in even bigger trouble as the diff jumped 100% over the last 90 days and hashrate ramped up too fast.
I'm hoping there is support at $6k but also want that capitulation flush to get us moving higher by end of the summer.
Автор - Mad Mining
Coinbass are scammers they have a lot of etc they are holding coinbase are holding people's etc and they are crooks
Автор - Sam Sam
The influence of Coinbase, when listing XRP, is just peanuts compared to the boost that'll come when XRP's utility is finally in full operation. Common sense, just do the research into Ripple, Xrapid and XRP and it is clear.
Автор - PH dJ
people give coinbase attention because it offers fiat pairings, so its a big deal for now, does Binance offer that right now? no
Автор - ComicBookGuy Henderson
Haha I agree. Bitcoin just needs to fall. Let’s just get it over with. 😂🤣
Автор - Sobuka
was waiting for this one! i m noticing i m getting addicted to your news output :-D
Автор - Jacob Knol
Awesome video, you are one of my favorite creators. I would say to take your time and don't try to rush things to make the video shorter. Keep up the great work, thanks for what you do for the community!
Автор - Rfdusty
NEED THE BOTTOM. I feel your frustration too.
Автор - Sam Ho
Автор - Cb Turtle
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