ALERT: Good news for Litecoin!! (Bix Weir)

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This is the first....but there will be many more "good news" press releases this summer for Litecoin!
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I would stop bragging about times that you were right about something going up since you and most of the other YouTube crypto morons are wrong way too often.
Автор - wiley schmitt
Zcash will be huge.
Автор - jeffrey exposito
You are starting to sound like anti freedom every day with your negative comments about privacy coins.
Автор - Klr Rider
EOS is launching their blockchain very soon, if you already hold litecoin as most of us do the smart money is on the 3rd generation technology. EOS now has the ex CFO of Australia's bank working for block one. My first litecoin buy was at $2, moving 80% of its value over to EOS for potentially better upside.
Автор - Bitcoin Bank
Really? You want to perpetuate the narrative that privacy coins are for criminals?
Автор - Fledgling Bodhisatva
You also said to load up on salt at 12 bucks and change Bix. That didn't turn out so well! Make your own decision everyone. Yes litecoin will do well I think, but take his advice sparingly.
Автор - peter von bank
We Al need privacy coins from time to time. Monero, z coin and etc.
Автор - Todor Slavchev
U say dont keep any coin in exchange but how do you trade them if they are kept in Hardware Wallet. It cost you some money to move coins from Hardware wallets to Exchange..and so in reverse..
Автор - Dinesh De
Bix - you should be using the Brave browser. Block those ads! ;)
Автор - Tiny Crypto Blog
I will never get tired about hearing of litecoin
Автор - Seth Shepherd
Remember all your silver calls...?
Автор - gipsytree
litecoin is garbage.
Автор - Matt Tillman
Um Bix, fungibility is a major attribute of money. You need privacy for money.
Автор - Matt Tillman
Politicians will need privacy cryptocoins. Therefore I am not so shure that they will do any restrictions on them.
Автор - Zorro Pai
NEO or OMG ?
Автор - K. C. R.
DASH would be a good addition also, IMO.
Автор - Ryan Hogan
but bix, the biggest drug dealers and child molesters ARE IN POSITIONS OF POWER, LIKE GOVERNMENT.
government is historically the greatest violator of human rights.
you cannot delegate a right you do not possess.
"governments receive their power by consent of the governed." -- Declaration of Independence
there are those of us who do not consent. the kingdom of God is within.
no one stands between myself and the divine.
additionally, there are even LEOs who advocate against the 'war on drugs.'

anyway, yeah, cryptos are the future. greater freedom. decentralization.
Автор - slaithe
Bix, just remember who the biggest criminals are. They need the privacy coins to hide their drug running and illegal guns running and human trafficking, etc. Ya know, those people who launder money but want to make sure you don't.
Автор - Susan Babudro
Whatever happened to Litecoin Cash for us who had Litecoin before the fork?
Автор - John C
Zcash does not have privacy turned on by default. You have to activate that. Most uses don't bother.
Monero, on the other hand, had privacy always on by default. If you're serious about privacy, you hold Monero.
Автор - Billy Ray Valentine
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