Litecoin DROP - Bitcoin Testing Critical Point, What Next?

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Litecoin taking a nice hit today... but is the carnage over? Find out on the next episode of Litecoin Z!

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First ⚡️
Автор - Crypto Capital Venture
300th like
Автор - Nick Rossiter
Charlie Lee was the only smart 1 he knew were the market was going smh I hope we see a cheap LTC so we all can buy a ton more
Автор - Crypto Unit
As always imma be a Hodlin Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaatch!!😄😆😂👏🏾👍🏾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Best way, not phazed at all. What is Bitcoin, still up like 38/40% from this time last year! And history shows that this size of drop off happens most years, this isnt the end peoples.😳 This is us just approaching the starting gate😄👏🏾👍🏾✊🏾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 💪🏾
Автор - Jamal
I’m honestly happy about the price - just bought 10 coins at 100.13 - and have cash for more.. about to hit my 100 coin goal 🤭 bought some EOS as well ⚡️
Ramen noodles still on sale?
Автор - ironheadmafia
I guess I'm numbed to the drops, just have to learn how to capitalise on them. Right now I Just HODL. It is surprising how the price does not reflect all the advancements and good news that have come out of Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies this year.
Автор - Ashley Gonzalez
Sold my all of Ltc at 103 today for the first time since I bought them. Had it from at 27 so no regret. Profit is profit.
Автор - HARRY Chun
Come on people don't dislike the videos just because it's not good news he is being honest & that's more valuable than all the "why Bitcoin will get you rich next week videos"
He is making these videos in these dark times so let's respect his efforts & thumbs up....
I think it helps to try think of our criptos as assets that are devalued right now but there still the same assets (except the tech is developing) & when things go back to normal the fiat value will be back as if this dip never's even an opportunity to buy a little if it really keeps going down if your faithful of the actual product...but not many people doing that this week...anyway chin up & stop checking your phones for a bit...some big news will happen & it will bounce as usual.
Автор - Diver Dan
This is a great learning experience. Crypto will come back it will bull run again at some point in the future. The people who get through this will not only have profits, but will have a wealth of skills and knowledge for future market cycles. Getting good at anything is a painful and frustrating experience. This is no different.
Автор - Benji's Boxing Channel
Good stuff brother! We'll be fine long term. And yes, I gave the video a 'like'
Автор - AJ Drew
Автор - Brian Huggins
I’m waiting on $40
Автор - Corey Roberts
If BTC breaks $5800/$5500 then we have something too be worried about, until then I am keeping it Kool!
Автор - Mandy Eden
good sound advice
Автор - thedreamerisme
Ltc to moon soon
Автор - John Ryder
Tnx T! All the weak hands will be gone after this, that's for sure. I think there's too much happening in the crypto world to have a multi year prolonged bear market like in the past. That said, you need to have at least two-year horizon to see the real returns. When we hit bottom I'm even more confident to go ALL in. I'm looking at it like a summer sale on all crypto's. Last December when the market was going parabolic, all I could think was I wish I had a larger position. Now the opportunity is here to load up for the next run.. This is a gift.
Автор - finster37
Stop everyone. We went through this in early April and we saw LTC at 180 a month ago. You also have to remember that crypto is a world market theres a lot of money out there waiting to come in. It takes time.
Автор - George Russo
I'm planning on using the ethereum classic pump to buy more litecoin once it is added.
Автор - Dan Read
At this point I couldn’t imagine my life without crypto currency. I would be floating around earth like a lost soul in purgatory without it ;-)
Автор - J Rucki
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