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It’s mind boggling how all these coins have a bunch of partners but nothing moves.
Автор - FuFill Your ViBes
ICX, VeChain, Neo and Ont! The asian sensations... maybe we toss a little Walton in that salad
Автор - BlockWolf
Scooping up the deals while we can baby!! FUD aint stopn this future rich mofo!
Автор - ThinCube
Another great video update! Man you're crushing it! Can't wait to see your review on tash token. Cheers
Автор - CryptoMarc
everytime I watch a fudtv video...I wanna throw down another 20K...should be called fomotv
Автор - Ramy Melhem
Light coin classic?
Автор - Gary nilknarF
A lot of good news. FUDTV 💪
Stay positive y’all
Автор - blazersfire1
Lets Go WorlCup18.
Автор - Gonde Khatab
FUD Ya baby I freaking love Vechain!!!!!
Автор - Mike Cell
I was checking the status of my portfolio on my phone today at work and it was fading fast. In desperation I transported my phone down the hall where there was a defibrillator unit for emergencies. Now my phone doesn't work and my portfolio shows no signs of improvement.
Автор - Paul Rouleau
Great video and in 30-60-90 or 120 days it will be a whole new game. I am buying and please really think about it. The good strong alt are coins down 30% -80% since December so buy when blood is in the streets and yes I do see a lot of blood in the streets.
Автор - info GBSemi
Автор - Vanguardas Vucava
Boom 💥
Автор - Sam Fisher
Автор - CRYPTO Woman
Im a fan of VW, Samsung, ICX, Binance, and FUD TV!
Автор - Anas Barzanji
ONT 2 🌙!!!!
Автор - Joshua Jones
Well done!! Hodl VEN & ONT (1 of my favorite projects)!! Regarding car projects any thoughts CarVertical? I consider myself very new to this space (bought my first BTC in Nov 2016) and I listen to a lot of channels. I put your channel in my top 3 by far. Keep it going and hats off to you! Peace!
Автор - Q Hustle
Should I wait for bitcoin to drop to 5k to buy then ?
Автор - goose
tough day , but thank you for the video . great content.
Автор - diego river
Great job again man
Автор - Jack Hunter
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