Bitcoin ETF Pushed Back - Market Drops

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The US SEC has pushed back the Bitcoin ETF approval decision from VanEck/SolidX until September 30th, 2018, and the market has reacted crypto market has reacted negatively. But should you be worried?

Let's talk about what the decision means for today and the future, in as level headed of an approach as possible.


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Комментарии к видео:
I'm really pleased about the decision to delay the SEC decision as it gives me more time to dollar cost average in to getting one entire bitcoin. As a relatively small investor, over the past couple of months I've moved away from the craziness of the altcoins and taken a bitcoin maximalist position. Currently half way there to one entire Bitcoin, so a couple more months and I will have an entire one which I will then hodl for a few years. By that time, Bitcoin will be SEC approved and I will have some alts and more bitcoin in my portfolio. The longer they delay the happier I am actually lol
Автор - Jake Addy
Weak hand dumping again cos ETFs were delayed like get real people as if it was going to go through now it's expected and prob will be extended untill march 2019 come sept
Автор - Gary Vaughan
Good news, no major run up. Bad news a huge drop. Crypto really sucks man
Автор - Peyman Samimi
I mean DAMN can we get some good news for once and this market stops declining 😡 Flipping market is so manipulated!! How far should it fall this time before exiting/closing BTC? Feel like I should SELL everything and re-enter as the market is being rekt once again!!
Автор - knots2kurlsgirl
It will drag out till next year I feel.
Автор - Frankie Rossi
Because the market is easily manipulated, these ETFs are bad for crypto. They will keep getting delayed and declined, which will only cause people to sell. Until one is approved, which is unlikely in the short term, it's sad but crypto will have a tough time gaining consistent positive momentum. :(
Автор - TheGuyNamedKj
We all know very well that blockchain technology is revolutionary and its changing the world.
Автор - First Million Road
We are allll screwed....GET REKT until Sept 30th.
Автор - Robert S
Here's to another year mate 🍻🍻🍻
Автор - Kyle Broussard
blah blah blah,
Автор - Ferris Alkasid
Love You MAN! I've been here since DAY 1! Thank you for your content. High Focus High Energy
Автор - Christian Cora
People should that etf and pump it our own!
Автор - Bobby Junior
I have started to use BNB as hedge with success.
Автор - Joakim Holmer
I joined you channel in Sept Bobby. Will never let you down. You rock. Joakim
Автор - Joakim Holmer
I will say, I think that you have a point with the ETF delay, however i think the fact that they are even considering it again, shows that they want to move towards it.

However, I'm sure the government wants to make sure we get this right if it does happen. Because one day... There will be a finance book and a 2nd Wolf of Wall Street made about this time period we are in..... Biiiiiiiitconnnnnnectttttt! (Insert meme here)
Автор - Kyle Broussard
Crypto SAD hour: EDT
Автор - myantispambox
Happy Birthday Crypto Bobby
Автор - Brad Blackmon
the push back on the ETF comes as no surprise to me. It will probably get delayed again in Sept. Just a matter of time before it goes through.
Автор - Kiel Wilson
Автор - Noform Leo
bobby is always up on the latest news
Автор - dakota diesel
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